Make Iridescent: Inspirations to Enter the Trend

Make Iridescent: Inspirations to Enter the Trend

It is not always that I like to dare in makeup, but in the past few months (or maybe years) I have seen more and more holographic / iridescent makeup products. I really like different colors of lipstick, for example, to vary the makeup of every day. And if you don’t have a lot of practice and always bet on the same make, it’s nice to have a different color from these for more special occasions, right?
There are options of translucent products only with this holographic shine as well as shades, pigments and even lipsticks with more intense colors. I made a selection of what I found the coolest and you will see that it is not that difficult to use this type of product ?


A marked hollow was never so different, right? At a party at night or at a nightclub this may be enough – but of course it is cooler to bet on a very shiny version! The shadows with this metallic shine are very high and you can also use them only in the inner corner ?
Aah, it’s worth remembering that pigments usually have a lot more shine (like this one from MAC) and with them you can even make a very modern outline!


Make Iridescent: Inspirations to Enter the Trend

Photos: @katiejanehughes via @patmcgrathreal and @sara_mua_

And isn’t the gloss coming back? Who has never used one of these with sparkling fruit-color particles? This beauty classic can add a touch Fun for makeup! In addition to using normally in the mouth (even over a lipstick) you can use the product as a shadow and even illuminator!
The texture is not really the most pleasant in the world, but the effect is wonderful!


Make Iridescent: Inspirations to Enter the Trend

Photo: Into the Gloss

In addition to the option of transforming any lipstick with a layer of gloss, there are currently options for liquid lipsticks in this style. The best way to find your favorite shade is by researching the metallic options ? Outside the country, MAC has an incredible collection of liquid lipsticks with a “glossy” effect: the Grand Illusion Glossy Liquid Lipcolour.
In Brazil, you can find the 3 × 1 illuminators of the Sereismo line by Bruna Tavares for TBlogs. There are many colors, and you can use them on your lips, eyes (as a shadow) and on your face as an illuminator – which is the next topic!


Make Iridescent: Inspirations to Enter the Trend

Photos: Urban Outfitters on Pinterest and @violette_fr

For those who like more daring and that basic lighting, you can use and abuse the iridescent options. I think it’s very eye-catching and there’s nothing about that “natural glow” that’s on the rise, okay? However, I still think that sometimes it is incredible. Concerts, festivals, ballads … You can use the product a lot!


Make Iridescent: Inspirations to Enter the Trend
1- Urban Decay Special Effects Vice (color: White Lie) at Sephora – R $ 119.00
2- MAC 3D Silver Glitter – R $ 105,00
3- Illuminator 3 × 1 (color: Bali) of Bruna Tavares’ line of Serereism for TBlogs – R $ 34.90
4- Frost Lipstick (color: On and On) by MAC at Sephora – R $ 79.00
5- Afterglow Illuminator from Urban Decay (color: Aura) at Sephora – R $ 219.00

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