Make Penelope Cruz
Make penelope cruz

Make Penelope Cruz

the wow style
Impacting eyes, nude mouth, pink blush and lots of charm! This is Penélope Cruz’s “basic” make up and she has no mistake.
I wanted to talk about this makeup precisely because it is very easy to do, but at the same time super sexy and timeless!
Penelope almost always focuses on the well-marked eyes and nude mouth.
The kajal is the ideal product to make the look very striking! Just apply to the top and bottom of the eyes. If you want to smudge it looks great too – use a fatter brush to make your smudge perfect! Even in the eyes it is possible to apply a very natural eyeshadow, with earthy tones that blend with the skin.
We hardly notice the mouth, but nude matte lipstick is essential to leave the look with total focus on the eyes. Choose a rosier shade to iron!
The blush follows the same line and is pulled into the pink, but without any shine. The more opaque options are ideal! The highlighter has a fundamental role in this makeup, as it helps to mark the eyes (below the eyebrow and in the inner corner).

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