Make-up removers
Make up removers

Make-up removers

As everyone says: good makeup starts with good skin! Seriously folks, there is no point investing in expensive products if your skin is not healthy. In addition to toning and moisturizing your face before make-up, you need to always pay attention to cleanliness. Sleeping with super clean skin makes the biggest difference in life – and to achieve that perfect result at the time of makeup it is super important to find your ideal makeup remover.

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The skin cleansing ritual often involves more than just a make-up remover. There are people who love to start taking their make-up with coconut oil or even a johnson baby shampoo. It is worth mentioning that these products do not have the makeup remover properties necessary for an excellent cleaning, but they can help you when it comes to removing heavy makeup.
In addition, there are several specific products for the eye region – where we usually abuse products! Those with more oily skin will definitely prefer to use micellar solutions and biphasic make-up removers. Make-up oils are great for me, but as there are a lot of people with oily skin it is important to pay attention and see a dermatologist.

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