Malbec & Mendoza

Fresh in Paris

Wine is a fermented alcoholic beverage derived from grapes.
We observed that there are many processes and studies involved in the elaboration of this ancient drink, we also know that it is associated with festive, solemn and even religious rituals from many cultures around the world. Therefore, it is allowed to add to the wine, values ​​that go far beyond our beloved gastronomic sphere.
I made a short story, addressing a playful passage between the grape Malbec it’s the Terroir Argentine as Tango dancers (Terroir the dancer, Malbec the dancer). So, sharing:

The Terroir Mendoza, over time, lonely under its stature in the South of the Americas, was there in jail, firm and fixed, a raw jewel awaiting a company to explore its body and give it its soul. Behold, from the Old World, a Lady from the French lands, named Malbec, traveled the world with her countrymen, spreading her tannic flame.
She did not expect, in a red tone, to cross a vast navy blue to find herself in fact. Soon, Mendoza and Malbec meet, introduced by their acquaintances, then danced for one night. Malbec, soft, full-bodied, with a fruity aroma, fell in love with Mendoza, a gallant dancer, firm, arid, tall, who in turn also loved her. The truth is that the union of the two resulted in a balanced dance of beauty, elegance, strength, passion, ecstasy and other characteristics such as colors, aromas and flavors never seen before.
The traveler Malbec, today, takes Mendoza to the world. The Waltz Halls of France can still enjoy Malbec dancing their waltz, but it is under Tango that she shows her greatest splendor.

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