Malbec, the Argentine grape

Malbec, the Argentine grape

Although it is a grape that originates in the Bordeaux region of France, Malbec is nowadays considered by many to be the Argentine grape, as it is the most cultivated grape in the country, since it has adapted perfectly to the terroir Argentine. In France, this grape is called Côt or Auxerroishowever, in honor of a Hungarian winegrower, who did a lot for the cultivation and expansion of this variety, ended up being “nicknamed” by his surname: Malbeck, a name that was adopted in Argentina, and can currently be found on some French labels. Malbec was taken to Argentina in the 19th century by French agronomist Michel Aimé Pouget, which brought several varieties from France, including Malbec.

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This grape is capable of producing long-guard wines, which must be consumed at least 3 years old, since when very young they are unbalanced, with alcohol, acidity and tannins that do not value it! Their wines, when well prepared, have a very dark red color, sometimes being called “black wine”. They bring in their aromas one of their main characteristics: the intense aroma of ripe red fruits, and as they evolve in the bottle, new aromas may appear, such as vanilla, leather, spices, coconut, chocolate, coffee, tobacco and wood. They are very full-bodied wines, but pleasant and hardly aggressive to the palate, being in general quite silky, with a long finish in the mouth. I particularly love Malbec! And if someone forced me to say what my favorite grape, I would say Malbec (force me because I don’t like to classify my favorite wines by the grape, but by the bottle … lol)!

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To harmonize your Malbec well, do you remember one of the first articles I wrote about the relationship between the country of origin of the wine and its gastronomy? So this rule is more than valid! Argentine meats or Argentine cuts are simply perfect in the company of a Malbec! Ancho steak, Argentine chorizo, hip slap, entrecot… Barbecue and Malbec = perfect wedding!

As for the labels, I will leave here the names of the most famous, and that I already had the opportunity to taste, with the descriptions of the websites where I found the prices, ok?

  • Angelica Zapata: very complex and exuberant wine, with excellent presence of mouth and enormous aging capacity. Potential for custody of up to 10 years. R $ 155.87 in
  • Luigi Bosca Malbec DOC: genuine varietal with a deep violet color, characterized by its aromas of ripe cherries and plums. Aroma of spices, with notes of coffee and blackberries, and a touch of toast as a result of the aging of wine in oak barrels. Potential for custody of up to 10 years. R $ 107.60 on
  • Catena Malbec: It has already been nominated as one of the “100 Best Wines in the World” by Wine Spectator- an amazing feat for a wine of this price! It is a charming red, with concentration and intensity, but also charm and a lot of character. R $ 74.70 in
  • Ramanegra Malbec: for me one of the best “cost benefit” in the market… The website where I found the price does not present the wine, so my description is: notes of fruits and flowers, fresh and persistent. To be honest, I preferred the traditional to the reserve, which theoretically would be better … The reserve does not evolve much in the bottle, it gives a sweet wine feeling on the palate. That’s my opinion, okay? R $ 53.90 in
  • Alamos Malbec: also from the Catena winery, it is an award winning wine, with elegance and sophistication, fresh, with lovely breadth, silky texture and a structured finish and full of tannins. R $ 42.14 in

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