Mallorca from another angle

Mallorca from another angle

In addition to the traditional car rides and walks through the largest cities on the island, Mallorca can be explored in many other ways, did you know?

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For those looking for activities that escape the obvious and love a good adventure, some tours can become the highlight of the trip ? I selected what I found the most interesting and interesting on the island and I hope to help anyone planning a trip to this amazing destination!

Across the sky


Photo – Mallorca from the Sky

Paragliding flights are excellent alternatives for people who do not give up the adrenaline! If you have the courage, it is worth living this experience, because seeing the blue sea and the mountains from above must be surreal. Excited about the idea? On this website you can already buy / book the tour – the 25-minute flight costs 85 euros.

Ballooning Majorca

I think one of the most beautiful tours to do on the island is the balloon. In addition to being a more peaceful option than paragliding, in the balloon you have more comfort and you can even take a romantic walk.
The flight is much more expensive and costs on average 180 euros per person. If you want an exclusive balloon for your group or a special tour at night, for example, that amount can reach 1,900 euros – the sky is literally the limit!

Through the caves


Drach Caves photos

If you love nature and do not give up knowing different places in your travels, it is worth taking at least one afternoon to visit some cave in Mallorca. The Cuevas del Drach in Porto Cristo are some of the best known on the island and it is only possible to take the boat trip.

Photos – Older children (Cuevas de Campanet)

Do you prefer to visit the cave on foot? Okay, options abound! The Cuevas de Artà and Campanet are also very famous and beautiful – full of stalactites and stalagmites.

Sea hair


Photo – Scuba Activa

If you are planning a summer trip, be sure to include a swim in your trip! Enjoy the warm water and the intense heat to play in the water.
In addition to snorkeling, in Mallorca there are several companies that offer scuba diving lessons for beginners and that already include dives in the sea – on this site you can find them all. From what I saw, one of the best spots to dive is on Isla La Dragonera and the best rated company is Scuba Activa ?

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