Malu Moletom: Warm Clothing Campaign 2016

Malu Moletom: Warm Clothing Campaign 2016

Imagine if you wore all your clothes at once. I think that way it would be easier to see how many pieces we have accumulated over the years and we don’t even realize it. There are dozens of jackets, coats and jackets in great condition that we don’t even use anymore. Meanwhile, millions of people suffer from the cold and need help.

malu-moletom-campaign-of-tracksuit-2016-doacao-danielle-noce-5 Photo – Disclosure

This year’s Warm Clothing Campaign tells the story of Malu Moletom, a girl who lives in a city where the population wears all their clothes together. From time to time the place suffers from earthquakes and no one knows the cause. Are you curious? Look how funny the campaign video is:

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