Mania: Hoodie

Mania: Hoodie

I don’t know about you, but I love to be comfortable – especially on the weekend. For me, there is nothing better than the good old sweatshirt! Now, if you think the fabric is very basic and doesn’t add personality to the looks, it’s time to review your concepts ?

mania-sweatshirt-fashion-style-danielle-noce-0 Photo 1 – Complete look / Photo 2 – Complete look / Photo 3 – Complete look

My airport looks almost always have a sweatshirt, because they are warm and mega comfortable! Another thing I love is the sweatshirt dresses: cute, stylish and super practical to take on trips – they don’t wrinkle almost anything.
Are you still afraid of looking like a pajama? Leave it, I’ll show you several ways to wear your sweatshirt pieces!


mania-sweatshirt-fashion-style-danielle-noce-2 Photos – Ju Romano, Chique Chix, Strawberry pins, Thais Farage, Femme Belle Tumblr, Getty Images, Fashion Melon and Pinterest

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