Marbled effect

Marbled effect

It is no surprise to anyone who knows me that one of the materials I love most in decoration is marble – especially the lightest. The truth is that coatings that imitate the material are more and more common and are often even more advantageous than the stone itself.
Silestone and quartz, for example, are great options. The pieces are not cheap, but they are very resistant and, because they do not have pores like stone, they are excellent alternatives for countertops and sinks.
Today, there are even options for wallpapers with marbled effect. The pieces are great to bring the finish to other rooms in the house, such as bedrooms and living rooms ?

Photo – Natasha Alexandrou

Rooms and rooms

In addition to the wallpaper with the effect, marble can be a good material for coffee tables and sides. The pieces work very well with finishes in matte black metal or copper.
Marble slabs can also function as panels. The pieces instantly make any environment more sophisticated.

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Marble is a true classic in the kitchen – I want at least one countertop that mimics the effect on the production company. The material looks great on central islands, but it can also decorate the main wall ?

Photos – Arentpyke, Casa Vogue and Decor Fácil


Discreet or not, the marbled effect almost always appears in the bathrooms. It can be present only on the sink counter, but the finish will make the space more elegant! Of course, when marble rises to the walls or covers the entire floor, the impact is even greater <3

Photos – Thora Torresani, Don’t Cramp My Style and Casinha Colorida


This is a more recent trend, but it does not deserve to be left out. Stationery items with marbled effect are with everything: notebooks, cell phone cases and even notebook covers! The marble was really found in every corner of the house.
Trays and smaller plates of the material are also great options for serving or accommodating some decorative items on the office desk ?

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Are you also passionate about the marbled effect?

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