Maria Farm |  Edible flowers
Maria farm edible flowers

Maria Farm | Edible flowers

Today we left São Paulo very early and under the rain to visit Fazenda Maria, which has been giving me beautiful edible flowers for a long time to decorate my sweets and desserts. For example, all the photos with flowery desserts that you saw in my book, the flowers came directly from the producer, directly from Fazenda Maria to my home.
Yes, from a minimum amount they deliver as many flowers as you want to your home or restaurant. And even if you don’t reach that minimum amount they will also deliver you by charging a shipping fee.
The flowers here are picked the same day they will be delivered and with that they guarantee much more beautiful and fresh flowers for you to be able to decorate your dishes and make any dessert much more beautiful.
The farm is close to Cerquilho, a city in the interior of São Paulo, close to Sorocaba and I came to record a delicious article about the production of edible flowers for the BAND Day Day, which will soon be on the air and I’ll let you know.
The most important thing for a flower to be edible is that the company does not use insecticides or pesticides in cultivation, that is, the flower needs to have organic management, but still not all flowers can be eaten.
Barbara, responsible for supervising the production, showed me countless flowers that I didn’t know, such as a very small orchid that has a smell between chocolate and vanilla. In addition, I was able to taste several freshly picked flowers, such as the four-leaf clover, the strawberry flower and one that I love: jambu, a little yellow flower that when chewed has a curious effect on the mouth, almost as if its taste buds become electric and slightly numb. This is a flower very used in typical dishes of the North, as in Tacacá in Tucupi and it has been a long time in some restaurants here in São Paulo, both for the flavor, and to make you salivate more and feel the flavors of the dish better.
I also found it delicious to be able to eat many seeds of fresh pink pepper directly from the foot. It’s amazing how different the taste and aroma is when it is dry. It is fresh and much more sweet and aromatic.
I also tried Thai basil, which has a slight anise aroma; and the wild strawberry, which is ultra tiny, practically falls apart in the hand when picked and is very sweet, there are people who say it looks like a Bubbaloo.
To end the tour I took some beautiful photos with the look I used in the recording.
The day was intense, hot and delicious. And yours? How was it?

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