Mariebelle chocolates - Soho NY
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Mariebelle chocolates – Soho NY

As many of you already know, this is my Universe. Public and private. Since I was introduced to this mysterious and complex ingredient, I have been interested in better understanding the origin, studying the different nuances of flavors and whenever I am walking around NY, I pay attention to where I go, trying to find gems along the way. The streets of Soho are the most interesting: there are so many exclusive shops that it is obvious that with chocolate it would be no different!
It was on a wednesday night that I came across Mariebelle. I already knew about the store, but I had never entered. On this day, I entered. At the same moment I found myself transported to a small shop in an alley in Paris. From the charming decor with a vintage feel, from the chandelier hanging from the ceiling to the chocolate packaging, everything made me feel Paris. Oh, I miss you !!
With the predominance of vibrant light blue color in the decor and dark wood furniture, Mariebelle’s mission is to present you “single origin” chocolates as if they were small pieces of art. Here you will find practically everything: clusters, bars, chocolates, hot chocolate, slates, pearls, crunchy … The product line is immense and beautiful. Ganaches from 40 different flavors of chocolate complete the experience: from exotic to classic, each chocolate has a design and tells a different story. Mariebelle says that they are 100% handmade and should be treated as jewelry.mariebelle3
During my visit, I was able to taste many of the products. What made my late afternoon deliciously more interesting. I tried and brought home the milk chocolate clusters: Made with excellent quality chocolate and Feuilletine (a very thin and crunchy crepe that is crushed and used to give some French pastries crispness). A luxury =].
mariebelle4 mariebelle5
The hot chocolate mix I also brought home but I haven’t tried it yet… Anyway, I tried the hot chocolate with chilli that they were offering as a sample in the store and I say it was delicious… Creamy, not so sweet, at the right temperature and with a spicy kick at the end. Perfect!
The ganache stuffed chocolates… Hummmm… I also bought a box of 16 (wow, I don’t really get fat) and well, I tried six flavors at the store. I’m saying, it’s quite a walk when you can taste samples like that. The only criticism I make is that the semi-dark chocolate that she uses, despite being of excellent quality, is too sweet for my taste. I would prefer something darker to balance the ganaches a little better but hey, Mariebelle is still a chocolate delight and visually very cute and elegant.
The store also has a beautiful, classic Tea room decorated with antique furniture, called the Cacao Bar, a beautiful and super cozy space for a chat with friends. They offer pastries and a huge list of exotic teas. Ah! There are also benidas based on coffee and light chocolate – which in winter and ice cream in summer =]to the delight of chocolate aficionados like me.
The tip is: if you’re on the sides of Soho don’t think twice and visit this boutique full of surprises and flavors. Take a giant box of chocolates to the Hotel and enjoy it without haste, trying to discover the flavors and reading the story behind each drawing.
For more information, here’s the website:
And live the chocolate in our lives! In NY, Paris, SP or anywhere else around the world <3

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