massala, coal, palo santo, natural and others

massala, coal, palo santo, natural and others

Be for for power up or environment, purify, meditate or simply leaving the space with a good aroma, incense is part of the history of mankind. Already in Ancient Egypt, people burned some types of incense such as herbs, plants and minerals in religious rituals. Then India, China and other places in the East also started using it. And yes, like many other practices that have become a tradition in Asia, such as crystals and yoga, incense arrived in the West later.

Because it is not used so much here, we have several doubts. Which right type of incense to choose? Could it be the one at the supermarket? Can you have coal? Its make bad? There are many doubts mainly regarding the composition of the products. In this text you will discover that there are many types of incense, how each one works and which is best for you.


As it is something that has been very appropriate by the industries and there is no real control over the sale, incense can actually harm your health. Therefore, regardless of the types of incense, they should be used with caution, paying attention to any allergic reaction and preferably in places with greater air circulation.

It’s also important to always choose the natural compositions it’s from reliable productions. Some may contain toxic chemical compounds that should not be inhaled. Now that you know the basics, let’s go to the types of incense:


Massala is a spice mix several that form a mass and replace charcoal. They vary according to the composition of herbs, flowers, woods … They usually have a more floral aroma, are great for meditation, to use in places with less ventilation and last a long time.

massala, coal, palo santo, natural and others

Photo: petr sidorov in Unsplash


massala, coal, palo santo, natural and others

Photo: petr sidorov in Unsplash

The ones we find in the supermarket are usually made with charcoal, but that’s not the big problem. Often those at the supermarket are made with toxic chemical compounds. There are many incense sticks with a amount ideal Does mineral and that they are not harmful to health, they just need to be used even more carefully. Prefer to use this type of product in more open places that are not used much – outdoor areas are always better. Remember to keep an eye on the other components: prefer the natural ones and make sure it is made in a reliable production.


Palo Santo is commonly seen on a small piece of wood, but it is also sold in the form of sticks and contains other ingredients. Both are incense ? They are great for purify the environment, send away negative energy and attract good energy.

massala, coal, palo santo, natural and others

Photo: Franco Antonio Giovanella in Unsplash


There is also a stick of incense made with citronella, which is a medicinal plant very similar to grass. The biggest feature of this is its property repellent Natural.

massala, coal, palo santo, natural and others

Photo: Urban Outfitters


And finally, one of the types of incense more indicated by experts are in natura. Just add some dried herbs, natural seeds or wood indicated with the palo santo and burn. Of course, there are recommendations on what products can do this, remember to research beforehand ?

massala, coal, palo santo, natural and others

Photo: Marcos Paulo Prado in Unsplash


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