Matriculation exam!  Use these simple tricks to tell if your avocado is ripe
Matriculation exam use these simple tricks to tell if your

Matriculation exam! Use these simple tricks to tell if your avocado is ripe

If you love ripe avocados more than anything, then we’ll tell you what to look out for when buying so that you only put the really good goods in your shopping cart.

Avocados are a real superfood and are at the top of the menu for many people. You can enjoy them with pepper and salt, as a spread or as a delicious dip. Avocados come in different degrees of ripeness, colors and shapes.

Ripe avocados are soft and have a slightly nutty taste. But how do you know whether avocados are really ripe and suitable for consumption? We have put together a few tips for you so that nothing stands in the way of your eating pleasure.

This is how you test whether your avocado is really ripe

  • You can pick up the avocado, hold it to your ear, and it shake a little. When you hear a slight rattling sound, the avocado is ready to be eaten.

  • You can also see the surface of the fruit Lightly press. The avocado is ripe when it gives in to the pressure of your fingers and doesn’t feel mushy.

After these tests, you can safely buy the healthy fruits and eat them or prepare them delicious. You won’t always want to eat your avocados right away and therefore get them in advance. Then it is better to buy unripe avocados and to let them ripen at home.


Superfood tips
3 avocado mistakes you should absolutely avoid

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How to properly store unripe avocados

You should avoid the refrigerator when ripe avocados. The cool temperatures interrupt the ripening process. Therefore, the refrigerator is only suitable for longer storage of the fruit. Correct post-ripening is only possible at room temperature. It is best to store the avocados in an open bowl in the dining or living room.

This is what the color of the avocado says about the ripeness

Since there are different types of avocados, the color of the skin is also different. With some varieties, the color of the avocado skin is also an additional criterion for the degree of ripeness of the fruit.

  • The skins of the Zutano avocados are characterized by a thin and yellow-green skin when they are ripe for eating.

  • The skins of the bacon avocados and the Fuerte avocados are thin, soft and green when they are ripe.

  • Hass avocados and Lamb Hass avocados are deep green in color when ripe for consumption.

  • The peels of the Pinkerton avocados are dark green when they are ripe.

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