Matte liquid lipstick

Matte liquid lipstick


Photo – Imperial Twist (Istanbul from NYX)

Liquid lipsticks are in fashion and this is great! They last much longer and are wonderful – both in texture and color. Of course, there are some little secrets when it comes to applying, but it’s nothing out of this world.

Photo – We Love Make (Nude 3 by Vult)

You need to apply it faster than a normal lipstick, because if one part dries first than the other the result is not uniform. Another thing that we end up doing automatically and cannot do with this type of product is to pass your lips together to spread the pigment – as this lipstick dries quickly, this technique does not work.
Look at my favorite colors and brands:

  1. Ballet | Dailus Pro
  2. Nude 3 | Vulture
  3. Red velvet | Lime Crime
  4. Rosadili | Who said, Berenice?
  5. Istanbul | NYX

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