Matteo Stuchi’s Mini Gastronomy

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the-mini-gastronomy-of-matteo-stuchi-julia-sardenberg-tjornal-strawberries-wedding-ickfdSource: Tjornal

Matteo Stuchi must have kept his childlike imagination until today the pastry chef in Monza, at Italy, invented mini universes in his desserts, which makes them very creative, innovative and fun!

The chef creates construction scenes with forklifts, stairs and builders. In addition to weddings between strawberries and a Petit Gateau that turned into a river to be explored by his dolls. It is as the chef explains: “The appearance of a dessert is as important as its taste”.

the-mini-gastronomy-of-matteo-stuchi-julia-sardenberg-foozine-petit-gateau-rio-with-dolls-ickfdSource: Foozine

The Italian created an account on Instagram to show the world his culinary works, his page is called I Dolci di Gulliver and has 61k followers curious about your creations.

Stuchi was inspired by photographer American Cristopher Boffoli that created the idea of ​​placing toys next to food. And with each photo on your page we can glimpse beautiful and appetizing scenes that leave anyone dehydrated with so much salivation! ; D

the-mini-gastronomy-of-matteo-stuchi-julia-sardenberg-mobile-twitter-construction-dessert-dolls-ickfdSource: Paul Bloemers – Twitter

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