Max Brenner Chocolates – The Bald Man – NY

Max Brenner Chocolates - The Bald Man - NY

If you are planning to visit NY during the fall, this IS the place for delicious hot chocolate – let’s say the best hot chocolate OF MY LIFE I had here – and it was because of this hot chocolate that I became a fan of the store and recommend it to everyone who asks me for a cool tip from the city.

Max Brenner is an Israeli chocolate company, founded in 1996 by Oded Brenner and Max Fitchman. What started out as an artisanal chocolate micro shop near Tel Aviv, is now part of Israel’s second largest food and beverage group and has stores spread across places like the United States, Australia, Philippines, Singapore and Israel, of course …LOL.


As always, after falling in love with the brand, I went after more information on the internet (because I’m curious and I love to know more than what “my taste proves”). In short, Oded Brenner spent many years studying chocolate in Paris. He worked as an apprentice at Fauchon and spent 6 years making chocolats with master Michel Chaudun.

After returning to Israel, he founded the small chocolate shop with his partner Max Fitchman and added a space at the back of the store, for workshops, as he believed that “chocolate is an emotional product, which must be experienced through all the senses – a holistic experience ”. There the concept and main idea of ​​the company was born: that of the “chocolate culture”, in which he proposes to bring the history of chocolate to his customers, reveal its ancient secrets and bring to life the tradition that was lost with the passing of the years.

I must say that when you open the shop / restaurant door, you access another world of infinite possibilities! I was delighted to enter this place and anyone who loves chocolate will also be.


The decor is all made with chocolate in mind: pipes with the words “100% Pure chocolate” are scattered all over the place, two chocolate tempering machines are there, right in the middle of the way, the walls are decorated with shelves full of pots of glass with chocolate inside, and the most delicious: the dessert menu is super inventive and ALMOST every sweetness has chocolate in its composition !!! Not to mention that the store is a charm apart, selling from chocolates and bars, to the super creative porcelain in which desserts are served.


The three times I’ve been here, I had no problem finding an available table, but I heard that on weekends, when Brunch happens, the restaurant gets crowded. So, again, the best option is the right reserve.

They have a large lunch menu and quick snacks but I need to be honest in saying that I was not impressed with the taste of the food, it is nothing extraordinary. The dessert menu, separated by categories, did not disappoint in any of the choices made until today… and there are a few others noted for the next times I stop by…


The sweet pizza can be assembled with a combination of two, three, four or all the ingredients on the list… chocolate, marshmallows, bananas… the combinations are very many. I loved it but I would like the dough a little but thin..but this is my taste, of course.

The “Deep fudge chocolate cake and shake” – a mini chocolate cake, with vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate ganache to put on top and mini chocolate iced milkshake to accompany it, made me go to heaven and back, it was exceptionally tasty . Perfect. as well as the hot chocolate from my first visit, which, by the way, is divided on the menu by different types of chocolate and is assembled by the customer himself when he arrives at the table.

maxbrenner2 Desserts are served in mini porcelain , deconstructed and are a pleasure to look at… there are mini churros with dips to choose from, mini vanilla popsicles with dips to choose from… mini fondue… waffles…. anyway, it’s worth the visit and please, don’t think about it in calories or on the scale, ok? Recover after walking around the city a lot and working out in the next meals.
Max Brenner is located at 841 Broadway Avenue, close to Union Square and is open Monday through Friday until midnight. For more information, visit

If you smear chocolate and be happy !!!!!

See you. smack !!!!!!!!

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