Maxi Knitting and Crochet in Decoration
Maxi knitting and crochet in decoration

Maxi Knitting and Crochet in Decoration

I know, I know … The heat is still intense in most of the country, but why not start thinking about the pieces that will leave your decor with that more welcoming and cozy footprint that the cold asks for? Blankets and pillows are excellent allies at this time and, if there is one thing that makes the whole environment more comfortable, it is the tricot and crochet versions.

Photo: Lynne Knowlton

The most cozy (and expensive) versions are produced in merino or corriadale wool. The quilts made of these fabrics are softer and warm, however, as maxi tricots have become a fever, now it is also possible to find pieces made with several other fabrics.
Mesh, for example, is a great substitute and, in addition to being cheaper, it is a light and great alternative to a warmer climate like the one we have in most of the country.

When we talk about other pieces, such as puffs, stools and even rugs, you can invest in many other materials. The important thing here is the thickest point that brings this welcoming effect to any environment. Rope and sweatshirt versions are very common ?

Do you think it is risky to invest so much in pieces that are “in fashion”? Despite considering this type of material timeless, I understand who is afraid to bet on a bigger piece. The idea, then, is to use the maxis tricots and crochet hooks in baskets, cachepots and pillows.
These smaller accessories help to change the decor, but they are just details that do not weigh so much on the final result.

Photos: Therapy with linen and string and apartment


Like the idea? I confess that I’ve been eyeing pieces like this since last year! I think this is a great time to buy models online, because there is time to use them when the temperature drops once and for all ?

1- Cachepot String at BooBam – R $ 138.00
2- Red Knitting Cachepot at Oppa – R $ 239.99
3- Double bed blanket in knitted fabric from Nos and Nos Art Design at Elo7 – R $ 245.00
4- Knot Cushion at Storehouse Home Decor – R $ 75.00
5- Corriedale Wool Blanket by Miss. Galante at BooBam – R $ 1,238.00
6- Yellow Cachepot at the National Gallery – R $ 229.00
7- Tok & Stok Maxi Tricot Puff – R $ 482.90
8- Cloud Red White Humberto da Mata stool at Theodora Home – R $ 1,986.00
9- Knitting Cushion 45X45 by Nos and Nos Art Design at Elo7 – R $ 89.00
10- Road String to Miss. Galante on BooBam – R $ 328.00

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