Maxi Sweater

Maxi Sweater

The sweater has already become a classic, isn’t it? Men and women use the garment in different ways and on almost every occasion, everything depends on the chosen fabric ? ​​Who likes a style more cool and stripped for sure he already has a maxi sweater in the closet. The piece is very casual and perfect for the coldest days!

moda-maxi-sueter-friozinho-danielle-noce-0 Photo – Pão Nosso Diário Alba NY

The oversized sweater can even be worn as a mid-season dress. When the cold hits, bet on overlays with lots of layers under the piece – she is already big, you can use and abuse the second skins and long sleeve shirts.
Composing with skinny pants is also a great option for a more production Street. Just complement it with a white sneaker and a backpack ?

moda-maxi-sueter-friozinho-danielle-noce-1 Photos – The Curvy Fashionista, Crossing Island Cool, Anna Fasano, Shop Style, Eat / Sleep / Wear, Fab Sugar, @oakandfort and Sincerely Jules

Who loves turtlenecks can also bet on the piece, see? I’m a fan of the wide collars myself, they look super stylish!

Where to find?

Don’t you have a maxi sweater yet? Look how many beautiful options!

  1. Loft 747 and Gallerist | R $ 308.00
  2. Amaro R $ 169.90
  3. DMS Boutique | R $ 179.90
  4. Amaro at OPTe + | R $ 209.90
  5. Amaro $ 199.90

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