Measuring cups – fundamental tools

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Some utensils are essential to achieve a perfect result in any recipe in the world of confectionery. If any grandmother (or even mother) is reading this, it is very likely that a twisting of the lips and a negative shake of the head is happening right now, but that’s okay. Let’s take it easy. There are several factors responsible for making a cake out of the oven exactly the way we like it: tall, fluffy and uniform. Temperature (of the oven and ingredients), time (of mixing and cooking) and quantity.
When it comes to following a recipe, the most important thing is to know if the source is reliable. Then there is that old story of “eye-catching” measures. A handful here, another there and pimba! Soled mass, watery cream, hard cracker made of stone. The conversation is long, so I already cut short the final remarks, okay? Always use spoons and measuring cups. With that guaranteed, the chance for you to succeed in that dessert so praised by relatives and friends is certain. And there is no lack of options. Take a look at the following models and choose your favorite, but first, check out the video that Dani made to clarify some doubts:
Video here!
To start in style, a combination of copper and wood. The set gives a rustic feel to the kitchen, not to mention that it looks beautiful in a photo of the mise en place, right? It is available here.
Speaking of wood, I found a very different kit. The proposal of the Green Outfitters brand is to create measuring cups out of wood scraps that large companies discard, that is: no tree is felled for this purpose and there is constant reuse of raw material that would go to waste. Sustainability, check! Click here to take a look.
The purpose of this OXO model is to facilitate the addition of liquid ingredients to any mixture. Each of the glasses (measuring from 1 tablespoon to a full glass) has a shape that tapers at the rim, so you don’t have to worry about spilling oil, juice or water all over the place. You can find the set here.
With this set, you will never again lose the measuring cups from the kitchen drawers. In addition to being charming and serving as decoration, the cups are stacked, forming a Mason Jar! And what a beautiful color, huh? Click here to check it out.
Now, my favorites. There is no dishware from the Anthropologie brand that does not arouse the desire to have a shelf full of products from there. Take a look at these measuring cups (to access the link for each one, just click on the photo):
measuring-cups-anthropologie-ickfd1measuring-cups-anthropologie-ickfd3cup-meter-swan-anthropologie-ickfd4cover photo: Rstyle
If you could choose such a set, which would it be?

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