Measuring Spoons!

Measuring Spoons!

Measuring spoons may not even be essential utensils in the kitchen, but they certainly help a lot to maintain the exact proportions of the recipes. Those who follow the channel know that I love choosing pieces with details that, in addition to helping me prepare, are great to complement the decor ?

Measuring Spoons!

Photo: West Elm

Most of the time I end up buying this type of piece on my travels and a store that always has incredible options for measuring spoons is Anthropologie. For those who still don’t know, this is one of my favorite stores in life and I make a point of entering it when I’m in the USA. Look at some of the models you find there:

If you are not scheduled to travel to the United States, but have not resisted these pieces, it is also possible to buy online. Although it takes a while to arrive and the price is high, it is practically impossible to find a store here in Brazil with so many options.
Speaking of which, it is clear that I would not fail to mention a Brazilian store where you can also find some legal options. At Storehouse Home Decor is where I find pieces more like gringo:

Measuring Spoons!

1 – Buy here / 2 – Buy here

Of course, by looking more closely at confectionery and decorating stores in general, you will also end up finding cool pieces. The colored plastic models are quite common, but I confess that I’m not a big fan. I prefer the most minimalist, metallic or black and white:

Even though I already have a post about measuring cups here on the website, you always ask where I buy my utensils in general. I decided to make this post to share some more tips on where to find here in Brazil and make it easier for those who also love these little details in the kitchen.
Tell us in the comments if you have any more questions about where I find my kitchen accessories and feel free to suggest more Brazilian stores or gringo that deliver here in Brazil ?

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