Medicines New flu vaccine developed for babies

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A reinforced flu vaccine has now been developed for babies and toddlers, which can better protect young patients from the disease. Studies have shown that the normal vaccine that adults receive has shown weak immune responses in young children.

In a medical study, the 4,700 babies to be vaccinated against the flu were divided into different groups. One group received the usual vaccine, the second the flu vaccine with a proven enhancer. A third group served as a control group and received a placebo. The feared side effects were found equally in all three groups. So these cannot be traced back to the vaccination. The effectiveness of the flu vaccine could be significantly improved by the amplifier. If there are no particular intolerances in a baby, the enhanced version of the vaccination is preferable. The next wave of flu, which will probably affect around 30 percent of babies every year, will likely survive the babies vaccinated with the new substance healthy. The vaccine can be used from about the sixth month.

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