Medicines with zinc to get rid of colds faster

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Medicines that contain the important trace element zinc can help with a cold. A large-scale study in 2011, when comparing the results of many studies, came to the conclusion that not only the symptoms of colds can be treated with the important trace element. Especially in combination with vitamin C it helps to heal the disease faster.

You can use zinc to protect yourself from colds

Although many zinc-containing drugs and food supplements with the trace element have been available for many years, it was not until 2011 that a comprehensive meta-study showed that zinc actually shortens the duration of a cold and not only alleviates the symptoms. The Cochrane network of doctors and scientists evaluated 15 studies with a total of 1,360 participants and came to the conclusion that a cold is shorter if you provide your body with zinc early on.

Zinc preparations and foods containing zinc

Many juices, capsules and lozenges for colds that are already available contain the trace element, which is crucial in various immune processes. However, you do not necessarily have to rely on a drug to absorb zinc: Food such as nuts, mushrooms, fish and meat also contain it. However, the Cochrane study did not provide any guidance on the amount and length of time you need to ingest zinc. It is therefore best to seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist.

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