Meet the darling boots of this winter

Meet the darling boots of this winter

Winter just arrived and the trends for this season promise to shake the windows and invade the wardrobes. Of course the boots are already everywhere, but what are the models that left the catwalk and can now be seen in the looks Street most incredible out there?
To initialize On knee is the big bet for the season. Used with skirts and without socks, they promise to make the look sexier; with leggings or jeans the footprint is more casual. There are several options with or without heels, made of synthetic materials or suede … The important thing here is to bet on the trend and feel comfortable with the proposed style.

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If you have the custom wearing short boots, the model BMeker it is ideal. When used with skirts and dresses, the look is more stripped and impactful, running away from the usual. If worn with pants skinny, be careful not to create a space between the hem of the pants and the boot – that ends up flattening the silhouette.

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It is not new that the BOops it is super up, isn’t it? That is why we see more and more accessories with fringes everywhere. The boots are not left out! The best options are ankle football boots, not to be exaggerated. They are great for composing more alternative looks.

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So, which one suits you the most? Tell us in the comments!

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