Meet the French duo Brigitte

Meet the French duo Brigitte

French music is pure love. This trip is doing me so well, I remember so much… And of course these memories are always associated with some music, right?

Photo – Women’s Journal

The Brigitte band is formed by two women: Aurélie Saada and Sylvie Hoarau. Their sound has a very retro feel and is a delight to hear!

Photo 1 – Isabel Rose / Photo 2 – My French Film Festival / Photo 3 – Leste 17

The band’s name refers to the three Brigittes: Bardot (cinema icon), Fontaine (singer from the 60s) and Lahaie (a pornographic film actress, radio presenter and singer). This already explains many of the duo’s artistic references.

Photo – 20 minutes

It’s not just the songs that go into this retro atmosphere that I love so much. The look of these two on stage is sensational!
I hope you like their sound, because I love it !!

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