Meet the shoes of Tracey Neuls
Meet the shoes of tracey neuls

Meet the shoes of Tracey Neuls

English designer Tracey Neuls is one of those who make current pieces, but always with a retro feel. In addition to 2 stores in London, Neuls still resells his pairs of shoes (female and male) in some other international multi-brand stores.
meet-the-tracey-shoes-neuls-danielle-noce-1 copy
The shoes are amazing! The boyish style predominates, but even so there are some suuuper female models – well doll.
meet-the-shoes-of-tracey-neuls-danielle-noce-3 copy
I’m a fan of the basic (black) models, but I also love the femininity that sweeter colors leave in the pair (this pink is amazing)!
meet-the-tracey-shoes-neuls-danielle-noce-4 copy
Tracey also has some models of boots. Everything has the same line and that is Tracey’s great brand. Only with those few photos I am sure that you will be able to distinguish her shoes when you go around.
meet-the-tracey-shoes-neuls-danielle-noce-2 copy
It’s worth checking out the brand’s instagram (all photos are from there) and falling in love with more and more models.

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