Meet The Top 5 Knife Types
Meet the top 5 knife types

Meet The Top 5 Knife Types

If you’ve ever had trouble cutting or slicing something, know that this problem can have two motivations! Either the knife used was the wrong one, or it was not sharp enough. This last case can be easily solved – just buy a knife sharpener.
Now, when the problem is caused by the type of knife, it is necessary to learn the function of each one before putting the tool into action. To end the doubts, we selected the five most common types of knives and we will explain what they are for ?

Small knife

small knife

Photo: Fashion Viral

THE small knife it is one of the most versatile and common within our kitchens. Because it has a smaller shape, it is perfect for cutting smaller ingredients or what needs more precision. To clean shrimp, for example, this knife is essential.
In addition, it can also be used to cut fruits, vegetables and even open a vanilla bean more carefully.

Chef’s Knife

types of chef knives

Photo: Max Delsid

Another wild knife in the kitchen is the chef. Like the small knife, it is multipurpose and serves both for cutting and chopping, as well as for filleting. The most interesting thing is that each part of the knife serves something. The medium is ideal for cutting tougher and tougher ingredients. The tip, more delicate and slightly curved, is great for chopping products like onions, parsley and mushrooms.

Bread Knife

bread knife

Photo: Fool Proof Living

Everyone needs to have at least one home serrated knife! Also called a bread knife, it serves to divide cake doughs, remove the caramelization from the already baked dough and, of course, cut bread!
Knives like these manage to cut food evenly, without even needing any effort on our part. Oh, and as it cannot be sharpened over time, invest in a good quality one so that it lasts for good years!



Photo: William Sonoma

The cleaver knife is different from the others because it has two models: the European and the Chinese. THE European it is more linked to cuts of meat and bones, mainly because it is heavier. THE Chinese, however, it is much more versatile and useful within our kitchens. It serves to slice vegetables and fruits, as well as crush seeds and oilseeds.

Santoku knife

Photo: Target

Also for general use, the santoku knife serves as a substitute for the chief’s knife. Traditionally, it is known for its three main functions: cutting, chopping and slicing. In addition to cutting vegetables, it is also perfect for preparing fish. Because it has grooves in its structure, the cut slides easily and works as a non-slip.
Who liked the tips there? We have also done a post explaining a little how to choose good quality knives. In order not to make a mistake when buying, be sure to take a look ?

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