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Melina Souza |  Chance

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Mel is one of my favorite bloggers. Everything around her and her website is beautiful and charming. Your room is inspiring and I would live there easily heheheh. Mel manages to overflow love around her world and her photos. For this and much more she is the person who opens this column on my website.
She is in love with London, with a cold and rainy climate (thankfully she lives in Curitiba lol), with books, photography, her family and Spock, her dog.
I did a super hot interview with her and you can find all the answers below!

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1. You always say that books are essential in your life as is air or anything you can’t live without. Which book or books are you reading today?
MEL: Right now on my nightstand are the books: Invisible (David Levithan and Andrea Cremer), Geekstatic: stories from the nerd herd (Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci) and More weird things customers say in bookshops (Jen Campbell).
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2. Do you have a habit of cooking? What’s your favorite candy? Tell a story because it is your favorite candy !!!
MEL: I only like to “play in the kitchen” when it comes to making some sweets haha ​​I don’t have a favorite sweets, but I’m crazy about sweets with dark chocolate and mint * – *
DN: Here you can find a recipe that I imagine Mel would love! Click here!
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3. The blog became your job, right ?! And I imagine it takes up a lot of your day. How do you get organized? Is there anyone to help you?
MEL: Yes, since 2012 the blog has become my job and my main source of income. To organize myself and keep the blog updated I have an agenda and a table where I write down all the posts and the days when they will be published. Currently the only person who helps me with the blog is my mother (she helps me with the external photos) and also takes care of the fanpage and the group of facebook readers.
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4. When you say you want to and WILL live in London, do you intend to go and continue with the blog there? Or do you want to do something besides blogging as a job?
MEL: When this dream comes true, I intend to continue with the blog and the youtube channel, but if necessary, it is clear that I will look for work beyond what I already do on the internet.
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5. Since I lived in Paris for a while and I know you had an amazing trip there, tell me 3 things about this trip that were unforgettable for you? (It can be a candy, a piece of clothing, a walk….)
MEL: The first unforgettable thing that happened there was the storm that I took on my first day of walking haha ​​the weather suddenly changed, my parasol almost went flying and I was soaked, but as I love rain, this is a fun memory One place I almost cried when I saw it was the Shakespeare & Company bookstore (but unfortunately I was only able to see the window because I arrived a minute after it closed, meaning I need to go back to Paris soon) And another unforgettable thing was a meeting I had with the team responsible for Nina Ricci’s perfumes. Knowing that a company from another country was interested in working with me because of my blog was incredible (not to mention that I won La tentation de Nina, 3 months before it was launched)
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To learn more about Mel, visit!
And follow her on instagram: @melinwonderland
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