Menopausal women at risk According to the study: Cola, Fanta and Co. can increase the risk of breast cancer

Menopausal women at risk According to the study: Cola, Fanta and Co. can increase the risk of breast cancer

Especially now in summer, the temptation for one or the other chilled soft drink is very great: They refresh, give one or the other energy kick – and possibly increase the risk of breast cancer. It has long been clear that Cola, Fanta and Co are not good for your health due to their high sugar content, but what Spanish scientists have found is really terrifying.

Scientists at the Spanish University of Navarra have found terrifying: There is supposed to be a connection between drinking soft drinks and the risk of breast cancer later on.

The researchers around Dr. Andrea Romanos-Nanclares examined 10,713 women with an average age of 33 years. Their diet and how many soft drinks they drank were recorded using a questionnaire. At the start of the data collection, none of the women had developed breast cancer.

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Increased breast cancer risk in menopausal women

However, 100 women developed breast cancer during the follow-up period. The majority of those affected were in the age group who had already reached menopause. For these women, a connection between the risk of breast cancer and the consumption of soft drinks could be established: women who were already in the menopause and regularly drank Cola, Fanta and Co. were significantly more often affected by breast cancer.

However, such a connection has not yet been established for younger women. The results therefore relate exclusively to older women who are already through the menopause. The scientists now want to expand the study and carry out further research.

Drinking a glass of Cola or Fanta for dinner without a thought – we should probably not do that in the future.

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