Menopause Can the keto diet help against menopausal symptoms?

Menopause Can the keto diet help against menopausal symptoms?

During the hormonal changes in menopause, every woman has to struggle with more or less severe menopausal symptoms. A keto diet may help alleviate these.

Menopause begins around the age of 50. And this hormonal change is accompanied by some unpleasant symptoms that can possibly be avoided or at least made more bearable. The US health portal “” took a closer look at the keto diet and its influence on menopausal problems such as hot flashes, sleep disorders, mood swings, weight gain, osteoporosis and others.

Below in the video: Ketogenic Diet – Is the No-Carb Diet Right for You?

Ketogenic Diet: Is the No-Carb Diet Right for You?

Hormonal Shifts

The external sign of menopause – which starts between the ages of 45 and 60 – is the absence of menstrual periods. The climacteric is accompanied by hormonal changes in the female body, which have a significant impact on our quality of life. Gradually, the production of the luteal hormone progesterone decreases and at the same time the estrogen concentration increases. Therefore, the intervals between menstrual periods increase. Eventually, the level of estrogen also drops and there is hardly any ovulation. One to two years later, no more estrogens or progestins are produced and the fertile period is over.

In any case, it is better to try to combat night sweats and hot flashes, osteoporosis, mood swings and the like with a change in diet than to resort to hormone preparations.

There are many alternative approaches to menopausal symptoms – traditional Indian healing arts are one of them.



Indian healing arts
Menopausal Problems? This is how Ayurveda can help you – even as a total newbie

Ayurveda expert Kerstin Rosenberg wants to teach menopausal women how traditional Indian healing art can improve typical complaints such as hot flashes, mood swings and the like. Marians Welt spoke to the author about the benefits of Ayurveda for menopausal symptoms.

What Exactly is a Keto Diet?

The keto diet can be seen as a special case of a low-carb diet because it is extremely low in carbohydrates and high in fats. This triggers a change in metabolism – known as ketosis. Because the body cannot obtain its energy from the carbohydrates in food as is normal, the abundant fats in the liver are converted into ketone bodies and thus serve as new energy suppliers. So the fat is burned and cannot settle in the cells.

The keto diet only allows about ten percent carbohydrates, while the food should contain about 30 percent protein and 60 percent fat. This means that pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, legumes, sweets, many types of fruit, alcohol and ready meals are taboo. Meat, fish and all healthy, unsaturated fats, eggs, dairy products, nuts and seeds, herbs and low-carbohydrate green vegetables such as cucumber, zucchini, broccoli, green beans or spinach are allowed.

The keto diet was one of the hottest weight loss trends in 2019.



Low-carb experience report
How I lost five pounds in two weeks on the keto diet

Low-carb diets have been around for ages, with most of them aiming to limit the amount of carbohydrates to around 70 grams per day. However, our author thought, “Man, there are still far too many” and tried the keto diet. A maximum of 20 grams of net carbohydrates per day is allowed. You can find out what net carbohydrates are and how she felt with them here.

Influences of the keto diet on the hormonal balance

With regard to the typical symptoms of menopause, such a low-carbohydrate diet could have a positive effect, for example because it balances the insulin level positively. The online portal points to some studies that show a beneficial effect of keto on blood sugar levels during menopause. However, this effect has so far only been reliably proven in patients with uterine and ovarian cancer. Further studies on the climacteric are still pending.

It has been proven that a stable insulin level has a positive effect on the body’s heat balance and could thus reduce hot flashes and sweating.

Listen carefully to your body’s signals – it will tell you when your hormone balance is messed up.

If stress becomes a permanent phenomenon, performance decreases.

Obesity, hair loss and Co.
These 6 signs show you that your hormone balance is not okay

The hormonal balance plays a major role in our health. If he goes crazy, it can have fatal consequences for our body. You shouldn’t ignore these six symptoms!

Less weight gain and cravings thanks to keto?

Menopause often brings annoying weight gain, which can be explained, for example, with a slower metabolism. Again, a keto diet could help. The very low intake of carbohydrates and the change in metabolism may prevent too many pounds on the hips. mentions a large US study of more than 88,000 women who ate a strict low-carb diet (but not keto) during menopause. The risk of weight gain was demonstrably lower. In contrast, the low-fat diet of a comparison group entailed a higher risk of obesity, as other surveys showed.

Studies indicate that menopausal women are more often tormented by food cravings. A keto diet could help here, because it keeps you full for a long time and has been shown to reduce feelings of hunger. Diet increases the level of a certain hormone that regulates appetite.

If you want to lose pounds without a complicated set of rules, the lazy keto diet might be for you.

Foods that favor a ketogenic diet

Slimming down for the lazy
No carbohydrates, no problems: lose weight with the lazy keto diet

The slim line is urgently needed, but you don’t feel like doing complicated calculations or counting calories before you eat? Then the lazy keto diet might be exactly your way of losing weight. This low-carb diet is based on the ketogenic diet, but it is extremely simple to implement.

Pros and Cons of Keto During Menopause

In addition to the benefits of the keto diet during menopause, there are also some negative side effects. Some research suggests that cortisol levels could rise. As a stress hormone, cortisol can in turn trigger osteoporosis, high blood pressure and weight gain. The estrogen level could also be increased, which in turn has a negative effect on thyroid function. There is also the risk of the so-called keto flu, which can briefly exacerbate menopausal symptoms.

In general, there are still no reliable statements to accurately assess the pros and cons of a keto diet during menopause. Such a diet is certainly not recommended for long-term use, as “” underlines. It is advisable to consult a doctor with any specific questions. This is the only way to find a variant that suits you and your body. Every woman reacts differently. Therefore, try the diet variant and listen to your body.

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