Menopause Slim and fit through the menopause? The tips from our expert are guaranteed to help

Menopause Slim and fit through the menopause?  The tips from our expert are guaranteed to help

Menopause is just around the corner and you feel bloated and unfit? Don’t worry, our expert will tell you how you feel good in your body again.

With age, everyone’s body changes and one has to learn to adapt. We women in particular go through different phases in the course of life. With age come the menopause, in which the female body changes again. The hormonal balance is changed because the body produces less estrogen and progesterone. Like every other phase of life, menopause usually has a major impact on a woman’s life.

Many women no longer feel good in their bodies and this is exactly where they can start with exercise and a healthy diet. Older women can also train their bodies, lose weight and keep fit! These goals and characteristics are not tied to young women, but can be achieved at any age.

Find the right sport

There are innumerable sports that can be practiced at any age. Choose something that you enjoy and that is good for you. A sport that you enjoy leads to long-term pleasure in doing it and thus staying motivated over the long term. Most of the time you will find like-minded people and you can motivate each other. Sport is not only good for your health and your goal, it also increases your self-confidence and positive emotions!

Slim and healthy – the perfect sport combination

Endurance lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease

A good combination for older women is endurance sports, strength training, and relaxation. Endurance sports prevent cardiovascular diseases and since women over 40 have a higher risk of these diseases, it makes perfect sense to include endurance training on the training plan. In addition, endurance training has the great advantage that it is very diverse. You can train your endurance both outdoors and indoors, in a group or on your own. You can walk or ride a bike in the fresh air.

Alternatively, there are various cardio equipment or courses in the fitness studio that specifically include cardio training. In this way you can either do sport in a group or with a training partner – or for yourself. So the endurance training can be varied and varied!

Weight training prevents osteoporosis

Strength training not only promotes muscle building, but also helps prevent osteoporosis. The risk of osteoporosis increases in women as soon as their estrogen levels drop. The muscle contractions during strength training work against the breakdown of bone mass in the body. Therefore, every woman should do strength training several times a week! You don’t need to be afraid of the weights, because too light weight hardly creates a training stimulus. Exercise with enough weight without overexertion and do enough reps. 8-15 reps with 3 exercise sets per machine is a good amount. Of course, you should increase slowly with the weight – especially if you have never trained your strength on equipment before.

If you don’t like doing sports alone, then look for a training partner for training or look for group courses that focus on strengthening the muscles. In many studios there is now also a circuit training in which you alternately train together (in a circuit) on the equipment – here, too, a nice group dynamic can arise. And as a tip: sometimes there are even special osteoporosis courses!

Relaxation promotes mental health

Relaxation exercises will help you alleviate many ailments. Methods such as progressive muscle relaxation, Qi Gong or meditations support your mental health and help against stress and tension. Yoga and Pilates also train the connective tissue and, depending on the course, also have strengthening parts with them. In yoga in particular, there are many different styles that you can try. For example, while Yin Yoga is a very calm and meditative yoga direction, you can really work out in Vinyasa Yoga.

Losing weight is never easy – here are our author’s top tips that she learned on her weight loss journey



lose weight
I’ve lost 25 pounds – these are my 5 tips

Those who want to lose weight have to be prepared for many stumbling blocks, problems, moments of horror on the scales and other unforeseen events. I’ve lost 25 pounds and kept my weight off successfully. How did I do that? Here are my five tips that will help you do it too.

Get support

You haven’t done any sport in a long time or do you have certain restrictions? Then first clarify with your doctor whether any sports are not suitable for you.

You can then look for support from a trained fitness trainer. He can create an individual training plan for you and show you the individual exercises or devices. You can also coordinate endurance training, strength training and relaxation together and put together a good weekly plan. You can also address possible problems in sports courses, because the trainers can always show you exercise variations – you just have to talk to them. In this way, you can also customize your training in courses.

Proper nutrition

Having a healthy body is only possible if you eat right. For a healthy lifestyle, sport and nutrition are in harmony!

Eat a balanced and healthy diet. If you want to lose weight, do not go on a radical diet, but change your diet sustainably in small steps. Always make sure you have an adequate supply of nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and protein as well as vitamins and other micronutrients. Add vegetables and whole grains to your diet, as well as foods with low-fat proteins and high-quality fats.

Mindfulness and acceptance

Whether it’s different sports or a healthy diet, mindfulness helps you listen to yourself and your body. The older you get, the more restrictions there are in life. Perhaps you have certain complaints that slow you down or do not allow you to do all the exercises in sport. Try to accept that instead of getting angry about it. Everyone is like that and everyone has to carry their own package. Therefore, always be careful in dealing with yourself and reflect on what is good for you and what may not be. Should you recognize the latter, then ask yourself if you can do anything about it so that the sport or the exercise is good for you again. If you can’t find a solution, there’s no shame in changing sport or skipping certain exercises.

So you see: You too can support your body to be permanently slim and healthy. By the way, don’t be afraid to go to a gym. Many studios have special courses or specially trained trainers to support older people in particular. In this way you can do something good for yourself and your health and have trained staff at your side who can answer any questions you may have. So start right away with a large portion of motivation to achieve your goal of a lean and healthy body!

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