Menopause These natural remedies will help you through menopause

Losing weight during menopause These are the best diet tips for the menopause

Sweating, a bad mood and a few extra pounds: Menopause is a tough test for many women. What you can do about your menopause symptoms and which natural remedies really help, we’ll tell you here …

As a woman you have to endure a lot: First the hormonal change in puberty, years of trouble with menstruation, then pregnancy and finally everything goes back in the menopause. A life with hormones and above all Hormonal changes are not that easy.

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Your optimal diet

First and foremost is a good and balanced diet. Although food has no direct effect on your hormonal changes, you will still feel better with the right diet. Many women also suffer from weight problems during menopause. What used to be okay is now suddenly too much.

Reason enough to adhere to the following dietary rules:

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Lots of protein: This way you stay full longer and prevent weight gain.

  • Eating three times a day is enough. If you the Omits snacks, your blood sugar level can really drop and the fat metabolism is boosted

Healthy bones

What many women do not know: Bone density decreases with the onset of menopause. A gradual process that you do not notice. It is therefore important a lot of calcium from dairy products, tofu and legumes to take to you. You should be careful when taking Calcium supplements be. As the specialist magazine “” reports, a current study by the Tanjin Hospital in China examined a total of 50,000 people over the age of 50. The scientists compared test subjects who had taken calcium and vitamin D with subjects who only received a placebo preparation. The result: the bone fractures could not be reduced with dietary supplements. Hip fractures were even more common than the placebo group. It is better to get the missing vitamins through your diet. An additional check of your bone density with an orthopedic surgeon can also help you prevent brittle bones.

You can read more about menopause in this article: Premature menopause – those who have a child before the age of 20 are at higher risk, according to the study.

Young woman pregnant

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Premature menopause: those who have had a child before the age of 20 are at higher risk – according to the study!

The results of a recent study show that 43 percent of women who gave birth to a child before the age of 20 will enter menopause earlier. And not only the age at birth plays a role, but also factors such as traumatic experiences …

No night sweats without coffee

In the evening a fiery pasta sauce, a good glass of red wine and finally an espresso: If you love Italian cuisine, you’d better postpone your visit to the restaurant until noon. Because carbohydrates before sleep Alcohol, spicy foods or caffeine Consuming yourself can promote night sweats. It is better to eat rich in protein in the evening and only drink water. A portion of fish with salad or an omelette with mushrooms is the better choice for an undisturbed sleep.

Long live the sport

Exercise will help you relieve your menopause symptoms! Sport and regular exercise prevent countless diseases and even improve your quality of life! A study by the School of Health Science in Granada has now found that women go through menopause better mental and physical health if they move regularly like the portal “” reported. The 48 study participants achieved good results after three hours of exercise a week. Exercise not only improves your mood and health, it also helps control sweating.

Estrogens: That’s the right dose

For a long time, hormone therapy with artificial estrogens was considered a remedy for menopausal symptoms. Today we know that hormone therapy is especially important in menopause cancer can lead. This was the result of a large-scale study by the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) in the USA, by the “” reported. So it is better to increase the estrogen level with the help of food. Especially Soy products and flaxseed contain estrogens. Even if you can’t stop menopause this way, your symptoms will still be relieved.

Chocolate makes you depressed

While we like to believe that chocolate makes people happy, recent studies show the exact opposite. In a study by London University Colleges, the data were from over 8,000 subjects examined. “” reports that the body releases the happiness hormone serotonin when consuming sugar. However, at over 67 grams a day, this turns into the opposite at some point. So were 23 percent of all subjects with a high sugar content in the diet depressed in the long run. This connection is a vicious circle, especially during menopause. You don’t need an additional mood killer now.

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