Men’s Flu Yes, they really suffer! Because of this, men are worse off with a cold

Men's Flu Yes, they really suffer!  Because of this, men are worse off with a cold

No sooner has he caught a cold than the man is completely incapacitated. The men’s flu has struck! But what women often smile gently at is actually there.

When men have a cold, the world stands still. They suffer, sniff and cough with a devotion that suggests the Last Judgment is imminent. Colloquially, the term “men’s flu” has long since established itself.

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In fact, it is not a real flu, but simply an ironically exaggerated expression for a cold that is perceived by those affected as much worse than it actually is.

Real flu can be dangerous. In addition to headaches and runny nose, it is accompanied by a high fever and severe fatigue. She needs medical treatment. The men’s flu, however, usually goes away on its own.

You can also load asparagus on your plate with a clear conscience: With 21 calories per 100 grams, it is not only extremely figure-friendly, but also contains vitamins C, E and K as well as biotin, which ensures beautiful skin, hair and nails.

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Broccoli tastes great with fish and meat and, thanks to 34 calories per 100 grams, is also a real slimming product.

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Good news for those with a sweet tooth: raspberries can be eaten without a guilty conscience – they have a slim 33 calories per 100 grams.

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Do you prefer strawberries? No problem! They have the same calorie content as raspberries and can be eaten with a clear conscience.

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Depending on their size, carrots also only contain around 30 calories per 100 grams. They taste great raw, but can also be stewed as a side dish and provide the body with valuable vitamin A.

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Healthy carbohydrates, proteins, but no fat: this is what sets green beans apart. You get around 32 calories per 100 grams.

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Sweet, juicy and super healthy: 100 grams of watermelon only have 35 calories.

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Serious Men: Does Men ‘s Common Cold Really Worse?

How a cold runs can have different causes. For example, lifestyle and age play a role. Thus the perception of a cold differs from person to person.

Nevertheless, there are scientific studies that show that many men actually perceive colds more violently than women. This has the following :

  • Men have lower levels of estrogen than women. Since estrogen inhibits the replication of viruses, men are obviously at a disadvantage here. Viruses can spread unchecked in your body and may make the suffering all the greater.

  • Another possibility is testosterone levels. As reported by the online portal “”, according to a study by the “Stanford Medical School”, this is responsible for the fact that there are only a few antibodies in the male body. Bacteria and viruses have free rein, perfect conditions for a dramatic male flu.

Influenza: The consequences for your brain and heart can be dire!

Germany is currently ruled by a strong flu epidemic.

Flu epidemic
Heart attack, damage to the brain: the consequences of influenza can be so bad!

Germany is currently being hit by a strong flu wave. Doctors not only criticize the recommended flu vaccine, but also warn of the possible dire consequences of persistent influenza.

What helps with men’s flu?

If the men’s flu has a firm grip on your loved one, you can easily get them back on the mend. With our tips and tricks, he’ll soon be the same again:

  • Help: Show understanding if your significant other is plagued by the male flu. Regret and take good care of him. This is how he feels loved and understood. An ideal prerequisite for a speedy recovery.

  • Pamper him: Make sure that cold tea and special treats are always at hand to strengthen his defenses and his immune system.

  • Keep him busy: A man’s cold can be pretty boring. Get him his favorite magazines, books or comics or just set up the “PlayStation” so that he can pass the time a bit.

  • Get out in the fresh air: If the men have survived the first few days of the flu, however, things should return to normal. A walk in the fresh air can work wonders and give your husband or boyfriend new impetus.

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