Menstruation, childbirth & Co. These tweets prove: Men really know little about the female body

Menstruation, childbirth & Co. These tweets prove: Men really know little about the female body

To laugh, marvel and frown: This Twitter thread proves how little knowledge men have about the female body. The period in particular is a great mystery for many people of the male sex, but the understanding of men also leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to childbirth … We have selected the funniest and most shocking posts for you – brace yourself!

Sex, periods, pregnancy, childbirth and the like are the most normal things in the world for women – a mystery for some men in 2019. So it happens that men claim that women get their periods all at the same time – depending on the moon phase, after all – or we could just hold our periods until we were on the bathroom to let them out. Whatever men think about women issues, she has Twitter user “Brownandbella” is interested. She urged her followers to share the funniest and stupidest claims made by men about women. The Twitter users did not have to be told twice and then tweeted: Over 11,500 comments can be found under the thread. We’ve collected the funniest stories for you, so grab some popcorn and get ready to laugh!

Why not just stick to it?

Several Twitter users report this experience: Some men actually think that women can simply keep the blood on their period and wait until the next toilet trip before running out – if only menstruation were so easy …

But not even all men are aware that women bleed during their period. One user writes: “I went out with a 21-year-old who didn’t realize that menstruation was bleeding. He asked me how girls know when their period ends and when I said ‘the bleeding stops’ he yelled ‘YOU ARE BLOODING?’ and backed away in horror. “What else did the young man think that women lose? Blue liquid or maybe milk?

Pain in childbirth

With this claim, mothers have to stay strong: A man told this user that the pain from kicking the male genital area is worse than the pain women suffer during childbirth. Men really don’t have it easy …

The gynecologist visit

Some women find it uncomfortable to see a gynecologist others don’t think the investigations are too bad. Even if the visit is often not a problem, there are certainly some things that we would rather do than go to the gynecologist with our legs apart – this man does not see it that way: He asked a woman if she would enjoy a gynecologist visit, because “doesn’t it feel good when someone touches you there?”

Reschedule the period?

Back to the period, because it seems to raise a lot of questions for men. Menstruation is not a request – whether it’s vacation, a gig or a birthday: postponing the rule is not that easy. It doesn’t help if that Partner wishes that the woman rescheduled her period so that she does not collide with his birthday. In order to spare the man this overlap, this Twitter user decided to end the relationship before the birthday.

The contraception

One would actually think that the subject of contraception affects both participants in sexual intercourse and is therefore of interest – thought wrong. The ex of this woman has probably not dealt with the contraceptive pill at all: He accused his former girlfriend that she had cheated on him. How so? She took the birth control pill on vacation with her friends and he didn’t understand why she needed the contraceptive if she wasn’t planning to have sex. It probably never occurred to the gentleman that the contraceptive pill had to be taken every day.

Sleep over everything?

The physical labor involved in childbirth may not have quite gotten through to some men. They cannot relate to the pain and exertion We have already clarified that the pain cannot be compared with a kick in the genital area. Some men also seem to lack empathy for the healing process after childbirth. This mother reports: On the first night at home after the birth of her son, the little one began to scream, but dad was simply too broken and said to his (now former) partner: I don’t think you understand how tired I am. Will you get up

Sleep seems to be very sacred to some men, some even lose their decency. Another Twitter user explains why her ex-partner was yelled at by a nurse, which certainly puzzles some people: the father-to-be, “the sofa bed (in the hospital) just wasn’t comfortable enough”. What do you do then? Lie in the hospital bed of the mother-to-be, who is walking down the hallway as part of her caesarean recovery, and take a nap – but only if you really want to misbehave.

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