Menstruation Taboo Menstruation: These advertisements are causing a stir
Menstruation taboo menstruation these advertisements are causing a stir

Menstruation Taboo Menstruation: These advertisements are causing a stir

It seems like Australians can’t see blood. At least that’s how you could describe the incident that recently happened in Australia. A hygiene product manufacturer deliberately breaks taboo with “bloody advertising scenes”, the reactions are … mixed.

When it comes to advertising films for sanitary napkins, the classic process takes place in our heads: A middle-aged woman is shown doing a sporting activity such as B. goes cycling and makes a satisfied impression. It can too, after all, it wears the “best and most absorbent bandage” that is currently on the market. Finally, the so-called leakage protection is demonstrated with a blue liquid before the woman below can fall safely into bed.

Australia sets standards

The commercial of an Australian hygiene product manufacturer wants to break taboos on the topic of menstruation and replaces the previously known smurf blue liquid from advertising with a rich strawberry red. The provocation works! More than 600 letters of complaint were promptly received, describing the commercial as “inappropriate”, “offensive” and even “disgusting”. Disgusting? Isn’t it a bit questionable to find the natural course of the female body disgusting?

However, the sensational effect was not accidentally triggered. The Australian company Libra wants with their campaign Set #bloodnormal characters. They took the first step in gaining attention with this commercial, which has already been reported around the world. Libra also triggered a huge number of complaints, the highest number in the advertising segment so far in 2019. The main complaints were that the period was a private matter and parents were asked to explain the disturbing content to their children.

Are there any consequences?

The advertising inspection came to the conclusion that the commercial did not violate fundamental ethical rights and rejected all complaints. The broadcast times for the evening program are also left with words of praise for the message of the advertising. In the future, further campaigns are to follow in order to finally end the shame of women and girls around the topic.

Something is happening in Germany too

The start-up “The Female Company” produces tampons from organic cotton without chemicals or plastic film for the benefit of the environment and the female body. But they are also causing a stir at the moment. Perhaps you have already seen one of the oversized posters that try to free menstruation from taboos in this country too.

The one marketed by the BBDO agencies in Berlin and Düsseldorf Campaign “Your period, your #Lippenbeestandnis “advertises with posters depicting the lips of a woman. At first this doesn’t sound unusual. However, the mouths are set vertically so that they are reminiscent of a vagina and with the advertisements” My product launch of the month “or” None Shame, lips “want to free the topic of menstruation from the current stigma.

Lips fingers

© The Female Company

The idea came to the company’s founders Ann-Sophie Claus and Sinja Stadelmaier after a trip to India, which they followed in 2017 “The Female Company” founded. In fact, it is common in India for women, especially in rural areas, to be isolated and excluded from society during their period. At first it sounds far from civilization, but back in Germany, the young founders noticed that the topic of menstruation is not entirely free of taboos here either. The women in India are still not forgotten: Pro Buying a tampon pack from “The Female Company”, a woman in India is provided with a cloth bandage.

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