Mental stress Expert warns: Our everyday life drives us into heart attacks

Mental stress Expert warns: Our everyday life drives us into heart attacks

Stress is a danger to both body and soul. It has negative effects on practically all of our organs, here we want to briefly deal with the consequences for our heart.

Uur modern life is accelerating and becoming more complex. This is accompanied by numerous stress factors that have a significant impact on our physical and mental health, for example on our heart and the blood circulation system. In an article by “HERZ heute”, Doctor Christoph Herrmann-Lingen from the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Heart Foundation explains the connections between stress and heart disease.

S.tress and evolution

S.Tress has a direct impact on our body – first and foremost on our vegetative nervous system. We then pour out more adrenaline, pulse and breathing are accelerated, we become more attentive and also more irritable. This is nothing negative in itself, in the course of human evolution these processes have developed so that we can react quickly and effectively to dangerous situations. What made sense to our ancestors can have harmful effects on modern humans.

The modern world of work can be a significant stress factor.

mobile phone

Never after work
Stress and depression: these are the consequences of being constantly available

It is said that digitization has many advantages – but especially in professional life it often means that you have to be constantly available as an employee. A study reveals the consequences.

Mor stress

In contrast to primeval times, today’s stress is only rarely associated with increased muscle activity, for example through flight or fight, but happens much more frequently in normal everyday situations. “Activating the heart and circulation without muscle activity increases blood pressure, “says Dr. Herrmann-Lingen. “If this happens over a longer period of time, the organism gets used to the excessively high values. A high-pressure illness develops.”

S.tress creates stress

Blood coagulation also changes in stressful situations, and blood vessels also constrict. If the corresponding muscle activities or recovery phases are missing, it can now damage to the heart muscle, cardiac arrhythmias and even heart attacks come. And this is where a fatal feedback sets in, because acute stress-related cardiovascular diseases and complaints in turn lead to emotional stress, i.e. stress, and make the situation even worse – A vicious circle.

Less stress in everyday life. That’s how it’s done.

Less stress in everyday life Tips

Less stress in everyday life
Copied: 6 tips that organized women take to heart every day

Well, lost track again? Then it is high time to create order. Whether at work or in the family: These six tips will make your everyday life less stressful – we promise!

Hhelp for the sick heart

On the basis of the above findings, the field of psychocardiology has been developing for several years established. Many acute cardiological clinics are now also working closely with psychosomatic services and experts. They offer the patient supportive discussions during the hospital stay as well as help with further therapy planning. Courses on coping with stress and discussions with other sufferers are also offered or recommended. Last but not least, a comprehensive and individually tailored physical training program often helps you regain confidence in your heart and body.

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