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Here in NY, like the Italian restaurants, steak houses are very popular, especially the best known. For the American, a dish consisting of prime steak (top) and French fries is the best option, regardless of the weekday or the company, whether they are friends or a business lunch.
The menus are divided by type of cut, of course, but also by the species of the ox (can I say that?) And by the quantity, because some of the options you choose whether you want 6oz, 8oz or 10oz. Crazy stuff. Crazy about meat, of course!
And among the steak houses here, there is one inside the Grand Central Station – Michael Jordan’s Steak House. IS. The basketball player’s. Located on the Balcony of Grand central overlooking the Central Clock, the place is a privilege.

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In the decoration the theme is that of a train car of those of travel, you know, of the old ones. Beautiful and very tasteful.
The service is impeccable and I recommend making a reservation (just in case). If you come to lunch in the middle of the week, the mass of customers will be made up of at least 80% men and all executives, in business meetings and such. While I was waiting for my company to have lunch, a gentleman sat at the table next to mine and commented to me that this was table number 90. His table. And he was telling me that secret so I could ask for table number 90 on an upcoming reservation. The table was leaning against the balcony and right in the corner, a privileged view of the Station. I thought his tip was cute (he barely knows that I just told him his secret…)
We decided to have lunch here on a cold autumn day to try Baked Alaska… Rs. But then I’ll talk about dessert. Like many restaurants here and in any city that is a tourist spot, this one offers a menu option with a pre-fixed price for starter, main course and dessert. It is super worth it and it is not so expensive. This was our option and although we are in a steak house, we both chose sea food .. Rs .. Which, by the way, also makes the Steak Houses famous. For $ 25.00 these were my options: Crab Cake for starter, a reasonable size croquette, made with a lot of crab meat, served with corn salad and pepper vinaigrette. It was sensational. The crab cake was tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, in other words, perfectly fried for my delight. My friend ordered a classic Caesar salad served with paprika croutons and Parmesan cheese shaves. I didn’t taste it but I had a beautiful face.

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For the main course, I opted for the perfectly grilled salmon steak with mustard and dill sauce, mashed potatoes and sautéed string beans. For $ 10.00 more, my friend ordered the famous MJ Classic Lobster roll in the Nantucket style. A lobster meat salad sandwich with mayonnaise and chives served on hot dog butter bread with a generous portion of hand cut fries.
Although we didn’t order any steak, our options were perfect and very tasty.michael jordans steak3The desserts that accompanied this pre-posted menu were Warm Pudding of Bread and Bananas served with Vanilla Ice Cream and Strawberry Sorbet. Both were ok. The pudding was a bit dry and the sorbet, in my opinion, lacked the acidity of the strawberry… But we went to this restaurant to try Baked Alaska, so we ordered an extra… And what a disappointment it was not mine when I saw that they exaggerated the torch = . Baked Alaska is a classic dessert and theirs consists of a generous portion of pecan ice cream, based on a choco chip cookie and topped with meringue all around. The meringue is “burned” outside with the help of the blowtorch. Usually it looks beautiful and very tasty. What a disappointment. Hunf !! Anyway, lunch was delicious and the price is very inviting, especially for travelers on duty. It is a great opportunity to visit the Grand Central Station, a landmark that is completing 100 years this year, to experience a classic service and dishes made with quality ingredients and very well technically elaborated.michael jordans steak6My tip is to go out there and have a coffee with dessert in another beautiful corner of the city – not bad right? LOL
If you want to know more information and of course, make reservations, stop by the website: www.michaeljordansnyc.comBye bye and see you next time =]

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