Mid Season: Oversized Jackets That Make a Difference

Mid Season: Oversized Jackets That Make a Difference

End of summer is always that complicated time: the thunderstorms fall at the end of the day and give that cool. With autumn approaching and the winter season collections already taking over the windows, I thought of giving tips for pieces that make a difference this season!
No, I’m not talking about heavy coats or anything. Light pieces that only protect from the wind and add more style to the production are always welcome even in the hottest cities.

Mid Season: Oversized Jackets That Make a Difference

Full Look

As I have a strong fondness for comfortable looks I decided to go further and talk about some oversized trends that work on the most diverse occasions. As this type of modeling is very popular it is easier to find legal options ?

Checkered Blazer

The very classic plaid print is with everything and the good thing is that it never completely goes out of style. The best part is that the blazer is a super wildcard for the mid season, after all, it works from more formal looks to well stripped productions. In fact, for those who want references with the piece, Lendra Medine has dozens of incredible productions.
The oversized models (loose and longer) are great for finishing a more basic production with jeans and T-shirt. In addition, because it is longer, it is a great alternative for those looking to disguise their hips from time to time – especially in more formal and corporate environments.


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Denim Jacket

Another versatile piece in any closet, whether female or male. The denim jacket is perfect even for those who live in warmer regions, but lives in places with air conditioning and likes to have a third piece to avoid problems. In addition, it is a charm tied to the waist, right?
The wide models have a very retro style that I love to counter with more modern looks. I’m sure you will find great options in thrift stores!


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Windbreaker Jacket

Mid Season: Oversized Jackets That Make a Difference

Photos: HOQ via Pinterest and Wanelo

For the most fashionistas, the multicolored nylon jackets with a very 80’s feel are with everything. The Farm has several options and incredible prints! They are light, but help to protect from the wind and, of course, rain. For those who live in São Paulo and are used to the boring rain at the end of the day, there is nothing better!


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I couldn’t leave the sweatshirt out of this, right? I don’t live without jackets in the colder seasons and the oversized pieces are more stylish than you might think. Yes, the big models have this more street feel, but I really love it.


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Mid Season: Oversized Jackets That Make a Difference

Photos: Miss Guided via Pinterest (photo 1 and photo 2)

Parkas are timeless pieces, but in these latest collections they are appearing in more vivid colors that give an up in production. Despite loving the classic military green tone of this type of piece, the pink, blue and even yellow models have caught my attention.
Because they are not very heavy pieces (they are usually in twill or nylon), they work well in mid-season. The good thing about the loose model is that on colder days you can put more layers of clothes underneath!


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Maxi Cardigan

Anyone who follows my looks here knows how much I am a fan of very long and big knitting jackets. In fact, coats in general need to be looser so that we don’t lose flexibility inside the clothes, right?
There are people who can find maxi cargidans for knitting like grandma, but nowadays there are so many options for prints and colors that you can’t generalize. I do like very classic beige and brown models, but just put on a cooler t-shirt and jeans than the look is not at all aged.


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Finally, the bombers. Those who have more hips know that the modeling of the traditional bomber jacket is not one of the best, after all, it highlights this part of the body. That’s why I like oversized bombers so much that they are elongated.
Just for this post I noticed that I like to put a more sporty element in the look and I missed the bombers to bring that touch of style in the mid season. With these looser models it became easier to use ?


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The tips were even longer than I imagined, but I hope they help you decide which of the pieces has more to do with your style!

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