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Some say that when the experience is very good, we forget to take pictures. Well, this is my excuse for the few photos in the post, which can be understood as: you need to visit this place!
A half-excuse, yes, I took pictures, but there came a time that I forgot about life and missed the time! I went to know Mille-feuille, which was on my “seen but not visited” list. This is a legitimate French house that was born out of its Chef’s true charm for food. Olivier Dessyn, French and engineer, bet on this passion and after graduating as a cook at the best hotel in Paris, he came to New York and opened his own Bakery, which today is a reference in the city.
As soon as I arrived I was first greeted by the ambient sound: Heaven in the box. And then immediately by an enchanted showcase full of artisan breads and pâtisseries to fill your mouth with water.
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And yet, for the super friendly staff, who were so interested in knowing where these photos would end up. Our chat was equally tasty with the sweet I tasted.
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Dear readers, I present to you the Isaphor: rose macaron with fresh raspberries and lychees. This is the home definition for this sweet and I summarize it as: Wonderful. I love macaron and when the chefs dare a little and add more flavors to the traditional French sweet it gets even better. The lychee gives a refreshing taste to the candy and, along with the raspberries, is an explosion of flavor!
I tried yet another flavor of macaron: salted caramel and here we go back to the beginning of the story. When I went to ask the staffs for another candy, someone else answered and of course I told them all about me, the ICKFD and the ant track again! And behold, Vicent comes into my life, a super nice man who got excited when he heard the name of Brazil. We spent an hour talking about this beloved country, which is one of your favorite destinations. Well, I missed the hour and ran out with a macaron in one hand and a croissant in the other when I realized it was 5 minutes before the bus left! Croissant made of organic flour (of course I had to try it) and it made me a nice sandwich for dinner!
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In short, I felt love with every bite. Ah! As an old New Yorker that Vicent is, he told me about the best coffee in town. Well, it is noted here and you will certainly visit it in the next readings.

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