Mini desserts or the Café Gourmand!

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Every time I go to a restaurant it’s the same drama: I’m the most indecisive person in the world to choose a dessert! It is always a major existential crisis … almost a food schizophrenia. And I inherited a bad habit from my mother: I am never satisfied with what I choose and I always want dessert from the person in front of me! Inside my head it goes something like this:
“I want an ice cream. And a chocolate. And anything with berries. And a cupcake! But… what about the crème brûlée? And this pie that is on the menu, I saw it on the next table and it looks wonderful! Share with me? No? Eat a profiteroles then? Oh dear… the zabaglione! I HAVE to eat the zabaglione! Brigadier spoon! I died! I want one of each! And the sufflé? Say yes!
Oh okay go… a macaron then? It’s tiny! Don’t ruin the diet!
Come on, guys… is anyone going to share the pudding with me? Is anyone going to offer me the brownie? Although today I really wanted to order a homemade sweet… like pumpkin in syrup. Or green papaya in syrup. No! No! Guava in syrup! Ambrosiiiiiiiia !!!! Oh my … standing on the jackfruit, then! Give me an ice cream sandwich with cookies bathed in chocolate and caramel sauce! Milk sweet! Romeo and Juliet!”.
Cool huh? Yeah, not much … because then I spend the next day fasting, eating only oatmeal with skimmed milk.
cafe gourmand2But since I arrived in France my problems are over! Here it is very common to find something called “Café Gourmand” on restaurant menus. I didn’t know what it was, so one day I decided to take a chance and asked for it. My happiness when my Café Gourmand arrived was so great that I looked like a child about to blow out the candles on the birthday cake! Smile on your face! I clapped my hands like a crazy seal!

Café Gourmand is a plate of mini desserts accompanied by a cup of coffee! Oh how delicious! And it always comes from a little bit of everything: a cupcake, a chocolate, an ice cream … And I say more: depending on the restaurant you are in, Café Gourmand will be a pick of the desserts on the menu, mini version!
cafe gourmand1It’s a lot of love!

So here’s a tip for those who are going to visit France and don’t want to go through crises at dessert time … I highly recommend a Café Gourmand!

Ah, my coffee is always sugar-free, okay ?!

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