Mini wineries at home!

Mini wineries at home!

In that cold weather, the urge to drink a beautiful wine already hits, right? If you also like the drink, but are not a big fan, the mini wineries will certainly be able to store some bottles!

Photo – House Stories

First of all, know that the best position to store the bottles is horizontally – that way the cork will always have contact with the drink and it will be more difficult for the wine to oxidize.
That said, how about taking inspiration from the two most common ways of storing them?

Refrigerated Wine Cellars


Photos – Viva Decora e Decor Salteando

Chilled models are definitely the most suitable for storing wines for longer. Keeping the temperature between 14 ° C and 18 ° C your drink will last for much longer.
Remember that not all wines get better with time, see? Most red wines last longer (up to 10 years if stored correctly); white wine, however, is no more than 2/3 years.
This type of cellar is ideal for those wines that will not have immediate consumption and it is always good to choose a model that accommodates about 20 bottles – go for it, 8 is too little!

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