Miniature dolls interact with real food

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Miniature works are nothing new out there. When the artist innovates by combining fiction with reality, the story changes and something different is born. In Christopher Boffoli’s series, the food is real and photographed very closely and, in this detail, mini-people transform the scene. It creates unusual situations in which food plays a major role.
The American photographer / writer / artist / filmmaker / journalist has been working with photography since college, but started on this creative endeavor when he decided to travel the world. Since then, it has been so successful that his works have been published in more than 95 countries! Some are exhibited in galleries in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Speaking of art with food, do you remember Petit Plat (click here to see the post)? The work of the artist Stéphanie Kilgast is also with miniatures, but in this case the foods are fake and are the size of a pea. I just wanted to see what a partnership would be between these two…
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Big Appetites, the name of the series, became a book and is for sale for only $ 10 on Amazon. He used sugar crystals, bananas, ice cream cones and even a piece of cheesecake to create the scenes.
Miniatures artist7
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On Boffoli’s website ( you can check out other incredible photos – it is worth reading each caption, as he creates a funny story for the characters in just one sentence.

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