Miniature sweets: Petit Plat

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Stéphanie Kilgast took seriously that story that life is made up of small pleasures. Or, who knows, his favorite book when he was younger was Gulliver’s Travels, with special emphasis on the world of “little men”. Lies, in fact, she discovered her passion for miniatures in her Masters in Architecture in 2007. Luckily, she never stopped. Created PetitPlat the following year, a brand where everything can be called, without fear, with a –inho or –line in the end. Come here, you will understand. And I just want to see if you can resist.
The daughter of a Finnish father and a French mother, Stéphanie was born in Germany. He fell in love with the creation of miniature foods: they are macarons, fruits, cakes, breads and whole tables of sweets, all the size or smaller than a nail! Each meal is made in the smallest details and with maximum fidelity to the original inspirations. On her website there are also some tutorials available, such as step-by-step instructions for Sicilian micro lemons or donuts. Makes you want to bite! Others, such as macaroons and three-story cakes, are paid.
petitplat3 petitplat4 petitplat2
Why thumbnails? Well, we would all like to have a little bit of the world at hand, and the artist understood that. These mini replicas make people happy. For Stéphanie, it matters. Look at these “fast foods”:
On Facebook at PetitPlat there are many other photos and the purchase of the products can be made on the website. Which of these delicacies would you take?
I’ll take the macarons!

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