Minimalist Nail Art: Delicate Ideas to Get Inspired
Minimalist nail art delicate ideas to get inspired

Minimalist Nail Art: Delicate Ideas to Get Inspired

Look, I’m not really a person who innovates a lot when it comes to nail polish. Usually, I stay in pink, reddish, brown pastels … The maximum is a classic little black from time to time.
So even nail art was never something I used in my day to day, after all, I found it very flashy. But look, I think I was wrong all along. For some months now I have seen some very delicate references!

Photo: @vicceridono

If you are like me who loves nail polish, but is always the same, why not try to innovate? Select 3 very minimalist and beautiful ideas to inspire everyone to get out of their comfort zone ?


Polka dots are definitely my favorite ideas. If you always go in white nail polish or nude, you can make your nails more interesting. Just bet on a fun touch with one (or two) tiny balls on each nail.
For the more discreet you can invest in a very minimalist ton sur ton (photo 1), but if the intention is to draw attention in a delicate way, it is worth making a ball, but dark or colorful.


The very thin lines are more impactful than the balls, you can’t deny it. However, I found the idea very versatile, because in addition to varying the tones (contrasting or not), it is also possible to play with directions.
The most basic ones can invest in just one vertical or horizontal line. Now, you can also make a stroke in each direction or even more than one line on the same nail; go with your style!


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Finally, dar could leave the colors out. As I told you at the beginning of the post, I’m not the biggest fan of flashy and mega colored nails, but I have to say that I enjoyed these references. The tip is to pass a neutral nail polish first and then finish with a touch of subtle color on the side or bottom, close to the cuticles.
Instead of making traditional francesinha, you can play with new colors and different directions ?


1- Revlon Cor Provocative nail polish at The Beauty Box | R $ 14.90
2- KIKO Milano Cor 06 Dark Mauve Smart Nail Polish | R $ 16.90
3- Sinful Colors Color Starfish Nail Polish at The Beauty Box | R $ 8.90
4- Formula X for Sephora – Color Breathtaking at Sephora | R $ 41.40
5- Mavala Nail Polish Mini Color 135 Amber Drop at Época Cosméticos | R $ 14.80

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