Mirror, mirror of mine

Mirror, mirror of mine

Mirrors are excellent options to expand the space and make the decoration more interesting, don’t you think? Betting on different pieces or compositions are great to leave the decoration with your face!

different-mirrors-for-your-decoration-danielle-noce-0 Picture – Design Sponge

Those who already have simpler mirrors at home can invest without fear in the composition of the pieces. Square, round, rectangular mirrors … There are many different models! You can either play with the shapes and mix them or put mirrors with the same shape in different sizes ?
Another good tip is to make a differentiated frame. These more decorated pieces are perfect in more delicate and feminine decorations. Wood can also be an interesting material for those who enjoy a more rustic style.

different-mirrors-for-your-decoration-danielle-noce-1 Photos – SF Girl By Bay, Jam Stains, Fantastic, LaLoul, My Domaine and Insideinside

Nowadays, there are also hundreds of fun and unusual models. Those who search thrift stores and super cool stores can find many great options!

Where to buy?


  1. Shoptime | R $ 451.68
  2. Spring Car | R $ 98.95
  3. Walmart | R $ 4,336.13
  4. Maria Pia Casa | R $ 2,800.00
  5. Americanas | R $ 202.39

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