Missed your resolutions? 4 ways you can tackle your weight loss challenge again

Missed your resolutions?  4 ways you can tackle your weight loss challenge again

Started full of energy and then forgotten to lose weight? We have tips for you on how to start over, stick to your diet and lose weight again – it’s worth trying!

Unfortunately, good resolutions have a tendency to be suppressed and eventually to be forgotten. If you started a new gym year hopefully and then didn’t hold out (maybe because it had to close due to the coronavirus), you should quickly make a new attempt. With a few tricks you can outsmart your weaker self. It won’t be long before your bikini figure will be in demand. In general – as soon as the thermometer climbs up, the cozy winter upholstery can no longer be hidden so well under wide sweaters …

You can see 10 reasons why you shouldn’t lose weight in the video below!

10 reasons why you just won't lose weight

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Way 1: Binding planning – even better with a girlfriend or boyfriend

Schedule your visits to the gym as well as important business meetings as fixed points in your calendar – and then take them just as seriously. So if, for example, an invitation flutters into your house that falls during your fitness time, postpone the date and not the studio appointment.

Motivation works even better if you are looking for a girlfriend to go to the studio with. This makes it much more fun to test new devices or attend courses. If another person is involved, it is also harder to decline, because someone is relying on you.

If you can’t find a fitness buddy, you may want to consider approaching a trainer in the gym and booking a few lessons with him. This would mean that you would be bound to a specific appointment again and you could also benefit from specialist knowledge and find the most suitable devices and exercises for weight loss.

If you have little experience with gyms, here are a few tips.

Treadmill workout

Fitness tips for beginners
How to get started in the gym

Do you want to implement your New Year’s resolutions and signed up for the gym? Here you can find out what to look out for as a beginner.

Way 2: It’s the mix that counts – and realistic goals

If you train with the same routine every time you visit the studio, you risk getting bored. That’s why you can provide a little variety and maybe get more pleasure in working out again. Perhaps it would be a good idea not to work on one device for half an hour, but rather to switch every ten minutes? For example, if you want to stay on the treadmill, you could experiment with different speeds and intervals.

When choosing a fitness studio, you should be guided by the courses on offer. The more you try, the more exciting and varied it becomes. Are you more of a Pilates or Zumba type? You should find out by giving it a try.

It’s also a good idea not to set your goals too high. Otherwise disappointments are inevitable. So don’t always think about the fact that you want to lose ten kilos in the long term, but look for “smaller” and therefore more realistic goals. For example, you could plan to take two classes each week. Or you regularly increase the time on the treadmill by two minutes per visit, or you plan to test a new device every week – the variants for such stage goals are huge.

Are you interested in Pilates?

Pilates - Pilates for weight loss: help from a professional

Pilates for weight loss: help from a professional

Pilates is not only used to specifically strengthen certain muscle groups, it can also help you lose weight. A professional trainer should always be present. Qualified sports teacher Uschi Moriabadi explains why this is important.

Way 3: How about a team sport?

You may also try a whole new approach and add other activities to your regular gym visits. For example, you could sign up for a team sport or a martial art. Training and playing in a group of like-minded people can become a hobby you love for your life! If you are a team player and enjoy athletic competition, this area may be the right place for you. Depending on the interests, the offers range from volleyball, soccer, handball or basketball to boxing, CrossFit or dance courses to karate, capoeira or jiu-jitsu and many others.

Does that sound exciting to you? However, you should always choose a trial offer first and test how comfortable you feel with the possibly unknown movement patterns and in the respective group. This also saves money, because these courses usually have to be paid for separately.

So-called functional training is considered a silver bullet for losing weight.

Functional training for women and men

Functional training creates muscles and melts the calories

Gone are the days of stoic equipment training in the gym. Functional training is all the rage today. With the free exercises you burn tons of calories.

Way 4: Don’t forget: Reward yourself, get enough sleep, and eat well

Regular fitness training is exhausting and exhausting. It takes some effort not to just sink onto the sofa after work. Therefore, you must not forget to reward yourself for your stamina or to plan something nice to motivate you after your workout. Maybe it’s an exciting book, a massage at the end of the week, a favorite series, a date after the studio visit, a hot bath with scented oil and candlelight.

In addition to exercising, it is also important that you get enough sleep. Do you know that good sleep is of great value in losing weight? Studies show that there is a link between poor quality sleep and obesity.

The third pillar in losing weight is a healthy diet. You may need to rethink established eating habits and change your menu. A look at the snacking habits that crept in during the cold season is almost always worthwhile.

You can do something about your sleep problems.

Woman tries to fall asleep;  always keep an eye on the clock

Sleep better
Sleep problems: these mistakes are often to blame!

Do you have sleep problems and don’t know where they come from? Often it is small mistakes in your behavior that lead to insomnia or difficulty falling asleep.

A fresh start is half taken

Just don’t hold back. If you want to start over, you’d better start today than tomorrow. Everything else is found. Once you have started and the first small successes are visible on the hips and on the scales, the motivation will certainly be back very quickly!

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