Mixers: What type of mixer to use?
Mixers what type of mixer to use

Mixers: What type of mixer to use?

Even more experienced people in the kitchen are in doubt as to the difference between each beater type of so precious planetary mixer. Unlike the common mixer, with paddles fixed in the center of the device, the planetary ones usually have three beater options: the paddle or racket, the globe and the hook.
Each of them has a different function, as well as the two circular movements of the mixer (rotation and translation). To better understand how these accessories work, let’s explain their function and give tips on how – and when – to use them ?

Paddle or racket

beater type shovel

Photo: The Kitchenthusiast

Fuller cakes and cookies ask for a whisk to keep the dough well structured. In such cases, the Pan is more suitable. The ingredients for these recipes are usually more dense, especially when the preparation takes butter and sugar. This is also the ideal whisk for rotten pasta, which also tend to have a heavier texture.


beater type shovel

Photo: The Pioneer Woman

When it comes to bread and brioches in general, hook is the perfect batter. It manages to knead the dough when used at medium or low speed, making life easier for every good cook. After all, kneading the dough with our own hands ends up being a very tiring job!


beater type shovel

Photo: Sally’s Baking Addiction

For mixtures that need to incorporate air, the globe is the ideal beater type. It is usually used more for light masses that do not need strength. For the recipe of happy married cake, for example, the ideal is that this is the batter used. Snow whites, meringues, icing and whipped cream, for example, can – and should – be beaten with it.


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