Mixing the modern and the retro

Mixing the modern and the retro

I dare say that Arles was one of the most delicious places I have ever visited. For me, this city manages to bring together the best of modernity in the fantastic restaurants we know and the all special charm of the past in the narrow streets and ruins. This mixture is so alive in the city that even the hotel we stayed in (Nord Pinus) translates this into the decoration.
To top it off, strolling through this place in the middle of summer was just delicious. The sunshine hitting the windows, the right wind and the super pleasant night made this day one of the most remarkable of the trip.
The look I chose for this special tour was very feminine and fresh. The flowing skirt and blouse were super light and perfect for a hot day. The bright colors and the print of the skirt left the production with a very summery face, the way I wanted it.
I think I ended up taking a little inspiration in the city to complement the look. As the clothes were more current and modern, why not invest in an accessory with a retro touch? The dark green clutch with gold and flower print was ideal to add that extra charm to the look!
Jewels with stones also helped to compose the production and make it even more glam.
As the look was already with a lot of color, a neutral shoe ended up being the best option – and carrying a classic black sneaker in the bag always works! In addition to being super comfortable, this model with moorings is very modern and nothing obvious ?
I liked the result so much that I’m just waiting for the hot days here in São Paulo to repeat the production!

  1. Blouse | Ellus
  2. Get out | Antix
  3. Sneaker | Farm
  4. Clutch | Serpui
  5. Glasses | Cutler and Gross
  6. Jewels | Marisa Clermann

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