Mlíko: how to serve traditional Prague beer

Mlíko: how to serve traditional Prague beer

When talking about beer, one of the topics of discussion is always the foam. With a lot, with none, in the right measure… Each one has a preference! In Prague, for example, restaurants usually offer three ways to serve beer, one of which is very peculiar and is called milk.


Mlíko, which means milk beer, there is no milk in the composition, but gets its name because of its appearance and texture! Despite being a beer like all the others, its differential lies in how the baristas control the outlet of the drink in the machine.
This preparation ends up leaving just a fillet of beer at the bottom of the glass, creating a
large and dense layer of foam. I know that a lot of people must be thinking about the foam that we know here in Brazil, which is watery and super aerated, but Pilsner Urquell’s foam is completely different!
Besides being
creamy, her taste is surreal. It is almost as if you are drinking a very concentrated beer milkshake. We were even expecting such a delicious drink because the Czechs take beer very seriously, but we were still surprised.
Mlíko: how to serve traditional Prague beer


From what we find on the Internet, mlíko began to be prepared between the 19th and 20th century, served as a dessert or with a most elegant drink for women. It was also very common to be offered as an end-of-party drink, like our coffee after lunch.
And do you know what is the other differential of this way of serving the drink? The beer itself! In the Czech Republic the type of beer that you find most is the
pilsen, which has this name because it originated in the city of Pilsen. It is made with pilsen-type malt, together with Saaz hops and water, so the flavor and aroma are also unique.
If you taste mlìko and don’t like it so much, just choose between the other two preparations: Šnyt and Hladinka. The first is almost half and half: half beer and half foam. The second version has only three foam fingers. There is something for everyone!
Mlíko: how to serve traditional Prague beer


To taste the most traditional beer with the classic preparation of Prague, go to the Pilsner Urquell Original Restaurant. Despite being a restaurant / bar known by tourists, locals continue to frequent the place because it is really their tradition. It’s super worth it ?
Mlíko: how to serve traditional Prague beer
So, did you feel like tasting this beer? The people of the Czech Republic do not play at work and LOVE beer. To give you an idea, there is the highest beer consumption per capita on the planet! Impossible not to be delicious ❤️

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