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Mobile chips | Southern Highway

An indispensable item on any trip I take is the cell phone chip. Internet is one of the things that Paulo and I cannot afford to be without – after all, all trips are also work and we have to solve many things and even approve videos away from home.

When we started planning our trip through Carretera Austral it is logical that we have already gone after the best operators in the region – and look, the news is not very encouraging.


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We found out that the three main operators in the country are Claro, Movistar and Entel. For those who are going to do the same route as us, it is worth buying two chips: to the north of Carretera Claro and Movistar take it well, but to the south only Entel works.
The three operators already have prepaid packages for those passing through the country – and you can even check the prices and options on each website: Claro, Movistar and Entel (click for more).

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Even buying two chips we had a hard time finding signals in the last cities we know, especially in the O’Higgins region.

If you stop at Santiago airport, buy the chips right there. After Puerto Montt it is very complicated to find stores from the operators and don’t even think about buying from unofficial stores – the cheap ends up being expensive.

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