Mocotó – SP

Mocotó - SP

Today I’m going to talk about SP. My favorite state, the little piece of Brazil that lives in my heart and in my memories. Oh, how I miss it… living outside Brazil, like everything in life, has its pros and cons. I am always experimenting with the multicultural flavors and diversity that I find here, but nothing is better than being able to return from time to time and review the flavors that are part of what I am: the Brazilian seasoning, the herbs, the ingredients I do not find for here, food from father, mother, dear friends and also from excellent restaurants there. In fact, the gastronomy scene has been starring (and it is not today) – Alex Atala has just been recognized as the Chef of the Year by the British magazine “Restaurant” in the category “Chef’s Choice” and celebrates the success of his friend and colleague. Profession Chef Rodrigo de Oliveira, who controls the pans at Restaurante Mocotó, in Vila Medeiros.
And it is about Restaurante Mocotó that we are gathered here today: me writing and you reading =].
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According to TripAdvisor, it is ranked # 6 out of almost 5000 restaurants in SP. In other words, my curiosity only became greater and more latent after learning about it. Behold, I had the opportunity to go to SP for a week and of course, I went to Mocotó.
First, the location: Vila Medeiros. I think it was my first time around there. And it is far from where I usually stay, on the West side, anyway it is beautiful to see a deal going very well even if it is off the circuit (it just proves how much it is worth knowing). And look that the reservation was for 14h, on any ordinary and unpretentious Thursday and the house was not only full but, although reserved, we waited for the table for about 20 min. No complaints, of course! We sat at one of the few small tables outside, very well accompanied by sparkling water with lemon infusion and a portion of the famous and incomparable Dadinhos de Tapioca: perfectly fried tapioca cubes with rennet cheese, served with sweet and sour pepper sauce – balanced spicy and sweet sauce – an idyllic combination, like two passionate lovers.
restaurante mocoto sp fer flaiban ickfdAs soon as the table was ready, we entered and I must say that the atmosphere is lively, noisy and certainly not the best option for couples with small children in tow. In addition, the public is very eclectic in terms of age, and the laughter and celebrations were happening in full swing! Bar atmosphere with tradition and certainly captive customers.
The super varied menu is charming. For lovers of Northeastern food and the curious who want to discover new flavors or understand what IS Brazilian food from scratch, Mocotó is THE PLACE. My desire was to order the entire menu: Sun meat, mocotó broth, coalho cheese with molasses, Dobradinha, Sarapatel, artisan sweets, cachaça…but of course it wasn’t right, so I was very conservative, leaving the latent idea of ​​trying these stronger flavors for the next opportunities that were not part of the homemade preparations in my family.
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After the Dadinhos, we started with a delicious salad that goes well with these hot summer days we had around – Do Seu Zé, with pupunha heart of palm, persimmon tomato, red onion and a lot of green smell. Simple, homely and rich in freshness; for sure the ingredients are the best possible.
For a main course, ‘with the heat it was’, nothing would fall better than a fish: the chosen one was Goldfish from São Francisco – Painted in coconut sauce with tomato, onion and cambuci pepper, served with rice mix and crispy crumbs of burnt coconut with cashew nuts… do I need to say something or is the description of the dish self explanatory? This farofa was the most incredible I’ve ever tasted. Crunchy, sweet, smelling… the perfect match in deep tune with the soft, sweet and spicy fish in the coconut sauce. A show.
mocoto ickfd restaurant
To finish with a golden key set with diamonds, the dessert chosen was the Chocolate cake with cupuaçu and Castanha do Pará, served hot with Ball of Ice Cream. The dense and rich cake, made with semi-dark chocolate, made me shiver with each spoon whenever I found a little piece of cupuaçu candy in the middle… hmmm… what a sin! Accompanied by very Brazilian espresso coffee, with beans from Fazenda Pessegueiro.
brown mocoto cupuacu chocolate cakeAnyway, unique experience. Only the cachaça was missing. Food full of history, commitment and love.
I really want to go back to try other dishes as soon as I can and I recommend everyone who wants to honor a serious and modern work, with the face of Brazil and the Brazilian people – authentic contemporary Brazilian food.

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